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Naples, has the symptoms of the coronavirus but it’s legionella: dying

A 59-year-old Neapolitan construction worker hospitalized first in Cotugno and then in Monaldi is intubated in desperate clinical conditions for severe bilateral interstitial pneumonia, believed to be caused by coronavirus and instead found to be bacterial in origin after three negative smears. IN THE DEEP THE PATHOLOGYThe patient accused only chronic bronchitis (he is a former smoker) as the basic …

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Covid, the scanner confuses menopausal hot flashes with fever

Women in menopause They may be wrongly denied access to airports, pubs and restaurants where the temperature is measured at the entrance. This is due to the fact that hot flashes can be mistaken for fever, one of the symptoms of COVID-19. The problem is raised by the managers of a UK menopause app, Meg’s Menopause, in an article in …

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“Virus is not seasonal, new waves are inevitable with less pressure”

Covid-19 «is not proving to be a seasonal virus. When the pressure is released, it comes back. You can call it second wave, second peak, new flame, whatever you like. The point is, every time the pressure eases, the virus comes back. ‘Mike Ryan, Head of Health Emergencies at the World Health Organization, underscored this during the usual press conference …

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Putting milk into plants – here’s why you should

The use of milk in your yard and yard is likely to surprise many. The amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and natural sugars that make milk a food for humans and animals are the same ingredients used in compost and garden soil to grow healthy communities of beneficial microbes, fungi, and bacteria. Raw milk is best because it has not been …

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Coronavirus, the bulletin of August 10: the dates of the epidemic

The Ministry of Health announced today, Monday 10 August, the numbers of the coronavirus epidemic in Italy by bulletin. (Getty Images) Outbreak status updated by COVID-19 common in our country. According to the health table published on the Ministry of Health website, i Cases of contagion Overall are to date 250825, This is 259 more than yesterday. The topics are …

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