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Coronavirus France, Marseille angry with Macron: “The squeeze is an affront”

Rome, September 24, 2020 – You are approaching the height 32 million the Contagions noted in the world since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic. According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, there have been 31,880,241 positive cases of Covid-19 to date, with 976,789 deaths worldwide. The hardest hit country is the United Stateswith 6,934,205 and 201,909 deaths.

In Europe the tension remains very high France. The new Anti-coronavirus measures Generate implemented yesterday by the French government controversy. This morning the deputy mayor of MarseilleBenoit Payan stated that the new restrictive rules are an “affront”

;because “without consultation” approved by the current administration of Emmanuel Macron and asked for an extension of 10 days before the new procedure took effect. Yesterday, new positive cases surged over 13,000 in a single day, reaching 13,072. The positivity rate has risen again and is now 6.2%. “The infection situation” from Covid-19 “in some EU countries is worse than the peak in March”. EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides says so.

Israel, 6,808 new cases

In the past 24 hours Israel 6,808 new infections registered: It is the second day in a row that almost 7,000 of 52,839 swabs were infected with a morbidity rate of 12.9%. In order to put an end to the pandemic, the government decided to strengthen the current one Curfew with further restrictions. The release Bejamin Netanyahu he denounced that the increase in infections was pushing the country “to the brink of abyss”. Founded a practically total restriction: Only a few companies are allowed to open between tomorrow and October 10th. Religious and prayer meetings are limited to 20 people and in locations no more than a kilometer from their home. The Synagogues they will only open for it Yom Kippur. The government has yet to decide whether or not to close Ben Gurion Airport. The Weitzman Institute, one of the most authoritative in the country and in the world, has calculated that around 16,000 infections occurred in the first wave – which last March – and 17,000 in the second over the last four days.

USA, another 1,098 dead

The United States They recorded 37,330 cases and 1,098 deaths from the virus yesterday. This is evident from the Johns Hopkins University censuses. The new data brings the total number of infections in the country to 6,934,205 and that of deaths to 201,909.

Russia, a growing pandemic

The contagion continues to grow Russia. In the last 24 hours, 6,595 cases were registered, for a total of 1,128,836. It’s the highest number since July 12th. The dead were 149, a total of 19,948. There were over 1,000 infections in Moscow, the epicenter of the first wave.

There are 2,143 new cases in Germany

The number of infections increases again Germany. New data from the Robert Koch Institute speaks of 2,143 new cases and an additional 19 deaths, compared with 1,769 infections and 13 deaths reported yesterday. A total of 278,070 cases and 9,428 victims have been registered in the country since the health emergency began. On the other hand, about 246,900 people were healed.

Spain, 31,034 victims in total

The death toll from the coronavirus in Spain has exceeded 31 thousand: the newspaper El Pais reports. Another 130 deaths were reported yesterday, bringing the total death toll since the pandemic started to 31,034. At the same time, infections rose to 693,556, of which 11,289 were registered yesterday.

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