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Coronavirus in France, case records since May and the mask are mandatory outdoors in Paris

There are still nearly three hundred Covid 19 outbreaks in France where health officials are trying to contain the spread of the virus by placing stains on them the obligation to wear masks outdoors. The new peaks have not been as high since the end of May: More than 1,700 positives were recorded every 24 hours. And Covid’s hospital departments are beginning to repopulate for the first time in two months, even if the number of hospital stays is still far below the number recorded during the closure (over thirty thousand), and even if the really serious cases so require The intensive care unit remains less than 400.

A good part of the Stade Franais Paris rugby team in quarantineAfter a dozen players tested positive for the Covid test in routine exams. They are all asymptomatic. A big problem for the training of the club, which is preparing for the resumption of the top 14 championship and should compete against Bordeaux-Bgles on September 4th.

The newly confirmed Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is in the process of introducing a mask for everyone in the very popular outdoor locations: the Long Seine, the walks along the Saint-Martin Canal, the shopping streets, the open-air markets and also the parks and gardens and the tourist areas where queues are formed for access to museums and monuments. The French were fairly disciplined indoors, on the subway, and in public transportation, but hardly anyone covered their noses and mouths outdoors. The Scientific Council does not minimize the fear of an uncontrolled recovery in the spread of the coronavirus, which suggests to the government the decisions to be taken: the fragile balance and we can – as he warned in the last few days – largely trigger the future of the short-term epidemic at any time the hands of the citizens. However, it does not hide the fact that a second wave in autumn or winter is very likely. Quarantine and mandatory tests could be imposed on people from highly contaminated countries, and France has warned against traveling to areas other than the Pyrenees, such as Aragon.

There is also great concern in Germany and Spain. The German headquarters reports a new surge in infections, the highest value since the beginning of May, with 1,045 cases counted yesterday. Always below the dizzying April numbers when they were more than six thousand, but still alarming because they are associated with small outbreaks that suddenly flare up in different parts of the country. From Berlin, the response to the pandemic had been quite effective. The Robert Koch Institute (the government agency responsible for monitoring the development of infectious diseases) has recorded a total of 213,000 infected and 9,175 deaths. The country has therefore decided to arm itself against import cases with mandatory certificates of negativity for all persons from vulnerable countries: in addition to several non-European countries, travelers from the Belgian province of Antwerp and autonomous communities are also being examined by Spaniards from Aragon, Catalonia and Navarre. Half-closed doors also in Switzerland for those from these three regions: To enter Swiss territory, you have to undergo a ten-day quarantine from last Wednesday.

Aragon is the thorn in the side of Spain these days: In absolute numbers, more than a third of the patients showed up on Wednesday. Of the 1,772 new cases confirmed within 24 hours, 657 are in Aragon, half of them in the capital, Saragossa. But from tomorrow a red zone will come into force again in Aranda de Duero, Castile and León: In the next 14 days you can only cross municipal boundaries for proven work or health emergencies.

The Community of Madrid has a video called Protect Yourself, Protect Us, which is approximately forty seconds long and is aimed particularly at young people: you first see the picture of an apartment at 32 degrees, then a group of young people in the brewery without Mask, at 30 degrees, so guys who dance in the disco without considering the distances and the temperature of 28 degrees. Here are the pictures of an infirmary at 25 degrees and a young man who was intubated in the intensive care unit at 22 degrees to end up in the mouth of a crematorium at 980 degrees. The message that we still have to protect ourselves when it’s hot.

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