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Coronavirus Italia, surveillance: «RT over 1, warning sign. The average age of those infected is lower “

The situation of the Covid 19 epidemic in Italy not critical it stays fluid and shows Warning signals: there is a slight increase in cases This caused the Rt index (here the explanation of how it is calculated and what it means) to exceed 1 – the value considered as protection – at national level. To write it, the weekly surveillance, which covers the period between July 27th and August 2nd, includes the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanit.

The surveillance ̵

1; usually distributed on Friday – has been brought forward by one day and will take place on a day when the number of infected people has again exceeded 400 in the last 24 hours, according to data published in the evening. Also on Thursday five minutes from the Technical-scientific committee (You can find them here: Those relating to the sessions where the decision to establish a session was not made are missing red zone in Alzano and NembroWhile in the Bergamo region we read how the CTS recommended the government on March 7th to only carry out a partial lockdown in some regions, two days later the government decided on a national lockdown.

According to what is reported byHigher Institute of Health and from Ministry of HealthAt the national level, the number of diagnosed and reported new cases increased overall compared to the previous week of surveillance, especially in asymptomatic people: a worrying figure – as Professor Locatelli explained to the Corriere – because she can do it It is more difficult to identify who is transmitting the infection.

The national transmission index – the RT – calculated on symptomatic cases, the same 1:01: Less the cases identified by screening activities and imported cases, the number of symptomatic cases diagnosed in our country has been essentially inpatient in recent weeks, the edition and the ministry rewrote. The RT index above 1 also in 11 regional contexts.

The average age of the cases diagnosed in the last week is now around 40 years: and this is partly due to the properties of the outbreaks who always sees one less involvement of older peoplepartly to an increase in imported cases, partly to identify asymptomatic cases through screening and contact tracking in lower age groups.

The Ministry and the ISS always write that, in addition to the outbreaks resulting from the reintroduction of the infection, there are small transmission chains whose origins remain unknown: a sign that the epidemic in Italy has not ended. It is therefore necessary Attentionand it is advisable to continue to strictly adhere to all measures necessary to reduce the risk of transmission, such as individual hygiene, use of masks and physical separation. Otherwise, we could see an increase in the coming weeks relevant to the number of cases at national level.

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