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Coronavirus, Pierpaolo Sileri against the Scientific Technical Committee: “The documents are hidden from me”

The strange case of one Under Secretary of State for Health Who has no access to the protocols of the Scientific and Technical Committee, reports and data on which the political plans to contain the contagion were built and built. Pierpaolo Sileri tells it to the newspaper the truth. No spontaneous outbreak, as the doctor and politician named by the 5 stars reaffirmed his allegations on television: “It is not the arena”.

Proxies and signing powers

It is clear that something is wrong with the Ministry of Health. The strength of the pandemic has strained resources and structure. After the outbreak of Sileri, some sources within the Dicastery explain that there are personal reasons for power. The 5-star politician is not an officially deputy minister, a position that must be officially assigned by the Palazzo Chigi. As Undersecretary, he has some delegations, including heavy ones, in research and health care jobs, but these skills are very much on paper without signing the power.
In his complaint, Silveri stated that the CTS protocols were not kept secret but were not communicated to him. Despite the persistence. In reality, the protocols that they explain by the Ministry are never delivered, but can be read. Sileri argues that “this is not a personal problem, it is an operational problem” and that the information was also denied to Sandra Zampa’s Under-Secretary of State. So much so that at some point they had to insist on including a trustworthy person on the committee to attend the meetings. Without voting rights. A kind of infiltrator that passed scientific information on to those who were theoretically among the first to have them.

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The charges against Ruocco and the autopsies

Not only. According to Sileri, there is one more general communication problem within the ministry. There is no doubt that this is the case if what he says is true: “It happened that I found out from circulars from the Ministry in an administrative way that decisions were also taken on issues that I deal with . ” A funnel, as the deputy minister defines it, which could not be removed and which is also affected by the difficulties due to intelligent work and the time of isolation that the Under-Secretary of State had to spend after his positive time. Sileri points to the Secretary General of his ministry, Giuseppe Ruocco: «He has disappeared from the scientific committee. It should act as a union. Do you know how I heard about the two Chinese patients hospitalized in Rome? From the news. I went home and my wife told me. She said: there are two infected people and you tell me nothing? But I didn’t know anything. The information on my desk doesn’t get through. I have to hunt them. Plasma and so on. It is not a normal thing». In the truth He says more about autopsies: «If I read this text about autopsies as a doctor, I don’t understand anything. On May 7, they made analyzes in Bergamo against the opinion of the ministry. As a doctor, I would like to say that we committed a crime ». No mention of a conversation with the line manager or Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

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