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Coronavirus Tuscany, 156 new positives. Tamponi Record – Chronicle

Florence, September 24, 2020 – I.n Tuscany There are 14,216 cases of positivity at Coronavirus156 more than yesterday (76 identified in the course of tracing and 80 from screening activities). New cases are 1.1% higher than the previous day. The average age of 156 cases is today 44 Years approximately (24% are under 26 years old, 21% between 26 and 40 years old, 36% between 41 and 65 years old, 19% are over 65 years old) and in terms of clinical condition 54% was asymptomatic, 18% pauci-symptomatic.

Of the 1

56 positive results today, three cases can be linked to returns from abroad. A case can be associated with returns from other Italian regions (Trentino-South Tyrol). 43% of the cases are contacts linked to a previous case.

THE cured They grow by 0.5% and reach a share 9,907 (69.7% of all cases). THE Tampons carried out Have reached height 701.914, 7.710 more than yesterday. The current positive values ​​are today at 3,156, + 3.3% compared to yesterday. There are 119 hospitalizations (2 fewer than yesterday), including 24 in intensive care (stable). There are no new deaths today.

The card of the new falls

The following are the cases of positivity in the area with yesterday’s change. So far there have been a total of 4,138 cases. A. Florence (41 more than yesterday), 833 a Meadow (6 more), 996 a Pistoia (19 more), 1,500 a Dimensions (8 more), 1,773 a Lucca (21 others), 1,450 a Pisa (32 more), 692 a Livorno (4 more), 1.106 ad Arezzo (11 more), 595 a Siena (8 more), 587 a Grosseto (6 more). 546 positive cases have been reported in Tuscany, but they live in other regions. Therefore, today there are 66 cases in the Centro ASL, 65 in the northwest, 25 in the southeast.

Tuscany ranks 10th in Italy in terms of number of cases (including residents and non-residents) with about 381 cases per 100,000 population (Italian average about 501 x 100,000, yesterday’s figure). The provinces with the highest rate are Massa Carrara with 770 cases x 100,000 inhabitants, Lucca with 457, Florence with 409, the lowest Livorno with 207.

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All in all, 3,037 people are isolated at homebecause they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free (104 more than yesterday, up 3.5%). I am 5.944 (223 more than yesterday, + 3.9%) people, also isolated, in active surveillance, because they had contact with infected people (Asl Centro 1.764, North West 3.134, South East 1.046).

A total of 119 people have been admitted to the beds for Covid patients (2 less than yesterday, 1.7% less), 24 in the intensive care unit (stable compared to yesterday).

54 are healed

The People all in all heal are 9,907 (54 more than yesterdayplus 0.5%): 224 clinically cured people (1 less than yesterday, minus 0.4%) who became asymptomatic after the onset of clinical manifestations related to the infection, and 9,683 (55 more than yesterday, more than 0.6%) ) declared completely cured, the so-called virus cures, with a double negative swab.

There are no new deaths

There are no new deaths today. That’s why, 1,153 have died since the epidemic began divided as follows: 418 in Florence, 54 in Prato, 81 in Pistoia, 177 in Massa Carrara, 148 in Lucca, 93 in Pisa, 65 in Livorno, 51 in Arezzo, 33 in Siena, 25 in Grosseto, 8 people died on the ground Tuscan residents were outside the region.

The Tuscan crude mortality rate (number of deaths / resident population) for Covid-19 is 30.9 x 100,000 inhabitants compared to 59.2 x 100,000 in the Italian average (11th region). In the provinces, the highest mortality rates are recorded in Massa Carrara (90.8 x 100,000), Florence (41.3 x 100,000) and Lucca (38.2 x 100,000) in Grosseto (11.3 x 100,000).

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