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Daniele Scardina dancing. “The ASL gave the OK,” confirms Paolo Belli

Posted by Emanuele Fiocca on Sep 19, 2020 in TV Characters

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Daniele Scardina dances with the stars on the dance floor. Paolo Belli: “The ASL gave the OK on Monday”

He did it Daniele Scardina, former friend of Diletta Leotta, participate in the first episode of Dancing with the Stars 2020, after the fear of discovering her Coronavirus positivity. Daniele Scardina dancing He had less than a week to prepare for his first appearance paired with Anastasia Kuzmina like as explained by Paolo Belli In connection with the Halle der Sterne, the ASL only gave the OK on Monday, five days ago.

Daniele Scardina with Anastasia Kuzmina dancing with the stars: “Boxing taught me …”

While Daniele Scardina and Anastasia Kuzmina They left the Hall of Stars and reached the studio. Traditionally, a presentation clip was broadcast. In the clip in question Daniele Scardina dancing he stated:

Boxing taught me to believe in something true, to fight, to sacrifice myself, and to have a dream. He saved me.

“Do you know how many slaps I got in the face?” he then told jokingly Anastasia Kuzmina.

Mariotto’s joke dances with the stars Daniele Scardina: “He stuck out his tongue”

After the performance at the time of voting by the Jury of Dancing with the Stars, Guillermo Mariotto made a joke about Daniele Scardina, Claim: “At some point I saw that he was sticking his tongue out and I thought: It will be a new kind of sauce …”. IS Anastasia Kuzmina he replied ironically: “Yes, it’s a whole new kind of sauce!”
Therefore that Competition in Dancing with the Stars 2020 it went live in a first episode that began with Milly Carlucci is excited and with Samuel Peron in connection.

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