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Darmian, Smalling and Kanté: Certainties, Needs and Dreams of the Inter-Transfer Market News

Vecino to Naples, Candreva and Ranocchia for Sampdoria and Genoa e Skriniar powerful in the sights of Tottenham. Inter sold in order to then close the market with already programmed transplants (see Darmian), others are necessary at this point in time (a central defensive, Smalling or Milenkovic) and others who were only dreamed of at first (Kantè). Let’s continue in sequence. Operation Darmian has been defined for some time: with the exits of Candreva (and Ranocchia) it will become official. The sale of Vecino and the very heavy one of Skriniar are instead on the table, but are far from “finished”

;. Let us say this as well as that of Nainggolan at Cagliari. For the Uruguayan midfielder Inter asks for the take-back obligation: We are however discussing the numbers, 18 million requested by the Nerazzurri, 12 those offered by Napoli. For Radja, who in reality would like to keep Conte with her (which makes the operation far from obvious), the Nerazzurri club is not moving from the 12 million requested for Cagliari a final sale. For Skriniar, on the other hand, we think of very high numbers: 60 million were requested from Tottenham, which however approached 50 with various bonuses.

Three sales, the latter that would ensure Inter has a relevant market fund to complete the latest inbound deals. But with the necessary differences. because when saying goodbye to Vecino and Nainggolan In midfield, spaces would be opened to try the Kanté shot (an undisputed added value in a department that would still be covered), which Skriniar would make necessary instead the purchase of a new plant to give breath to a suffocated department at this point (with the accompanying departure from Frog, Conte would only have three central roles available without counting the adapted D’Ambrosio). Therefore, a large part of the proceeds due to the possible sale of the Slovak will be passed on to a new defender before the shot in midfield is even considered. Like Milenkovic from Fiorentina, but it costs way too much as Fiorentina does not move from the 40 million already requested from Milan and therefore clearly on the rise without delays of Roma Smalling quotes: It costs less (around 20 million), Manchester United thinks it’s open-minded, knows the Italian league well and Conte likes it.

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