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Domenica In, Mara Venier fears the competition of her friend Barbara D & # 39; s Urso

At the presentation of the new Rai timetables for the season 2018/2019 which took place on Wednesday, June 27, in the presence of the Director-General Mario Orfeo The indiscretion that has existed for some time has been confirmed: Mara Venier will return to Rai and will do so from the main entrance, since he Domenica In . The first part of the Sunday container is entrusted to his experience, while the second part is left to Cristina Parodi, the only "survivor" of the two sisters, given the poor ratings this year that have imposed the change of leadership for the next season. The flagship network has indeed been several times, in terms of ratings, in the Sunday live competition, recorded by Barbara D & # 39; Urso, the record record in record has literally ruined the sister Parodi.

The return of Mara Venier to Rai is unlikely to go unnoticed as he has spent the last few years in Mediaset. That's exactly what the "Aunt of Italy" [VIDEO] said: "The recipe with which I will guide Domenica In is the light-heartedness and joy I know that my friend Barbara will be on Mediaset, there is no rivalry between us. It's a bomb, what do you want to do with it, I'll try to do my job to the fullest, it will be a healthy challenge with two women trying to best express their work qualities. "

Cristina Parodi is not thrilled with the return to Domenica In by Mara Venier

When many people have positively experienced the return of Mara Venier in Rai, there is one person who just knew the message was not really looking forward to it scattered all pores.

We speak obviously of Cristina Parodi who commented on the return of Mara Venier to Domenica In to Leggo.it: "The arrival of Mara Venier on Rai is a choice of Viale Mazzini that goes into another Direction, but I do not feel like discussing the top decisions, but I would like to congratulate Mara, and although it will be a different transmission than I had set, I hope it goes well. "

In addition to The greatest of the parodi-sisters seems to disagree with these statements. For the distribution of lead times, but from here into the air, time, every situation and dissatisfaction must be clarified. Rather than causing a war, Viale Mazzini's cornerstones with the chosen election hope to raise the audience of Sunday afternoon, after last year's not-so-well-received results [VIDEO]. So it's good that Cristina Parodi does not get too mad and works with her new colleague.

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