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Elisa Isoardi to DM: "I will not be alone in La Prova del Cuoco No one treats me differently now"

  Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi prepares for a season from protagonist to . The Piedmontese moderator actually finds himself in the stoves of La Prova del Cuoco this time as the owner instead of the "resigned" Antonella Clerici. It speaks to our microphones with enthusiasm, anticipates some novelties . But Elisa Isoardi is also at the center of the news for her sentimental relationship with Matteo Salvini Vice-Premier and Leader of the Lega; the topic is Taboo on the recent presentation of Rai program schedules. With DavideMaggio.it Elisa appears in the Defensive which probably leads to a misunderstanding of those who today are trying to make works of "captatio benevolentiae" against him.

Elisa, go back to the test of the Cook

Yes, they say that in football, we also advertise it on television. I would say owner / craftsman, because the program lasts from 11.30 (11.40, ndDM) to 13.30, for the two hours Test Cook, two hours of food and I would also like to bring my story, which by good to know why in the end it a lot went well as a program. It starts with the information on the product and then expands to our traditional recipes, the Italian, and comes to the chefs race, because in the end is the La Prova del Cuoco, no?!

There will be you, there will be Anna Moroni, pare.

I will be there, now the cast is still visible. I do not want to say anything because the surprise is nice too. But I will not be alone, it is right that there is support, laughter.

Who would you be by your side?

I want a person who eats that knows something about the food next to me is beautiful.

So you already know who he is?

Yes! I can not say, I can say that she is nice and smiles.

Have we seen her on Rai1 or worked with you?

She's been on TV yet, I do not know about Rai1, she never worked with me. And then there will be other news, lots of news. It's going to be a food party, imagine the word party. When you go to a party, what is it? There is music, joy, we could even dance, we could even sing. Sure you cook, there is always something to eat at parties.

Antonella Clerici remains a consultant.

Antonella will remain "forever and ever, Amen". I also saw her here at the presentation and she gave me some fantastic tips. I wish her career, Antonella becomes a consultant, the beauty between us is the direct relationship.

Are you the author of the program?

Yes, I have been the author of my programs for two years. [19659007] She and Antonella are very different

Yes, but it is not the continuity that wins, the discontinuity will be a good bet.

Simona Ventura said years ago: "In Mediaset, they thought I was engaged. I let Galliani believe him, because they were all friendlier to me."

How nice!

Have you been more friendly to you for a few months?

Why do you know that I'm engaged to Theodols? (laughs, ndDM) I did not understand the question

For some time now, have you seen a different attitude towards you (as vice president girlfriend Matteo Salvini, ndDM)?

I earned everything alone. If you are going to see, since you are one of the strongest sides, with good to know we have achieved one of the strongest performances, we have grown by 2.81%, so I feel strong for myself.

You probably have not understood the question …

The question is that I was good and kind because Mother taught me the upbringing and therefore the others are good and kind to me because I am educated.

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