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Farewell to Roy Jay Glauber, Nobel Prize in Quantum Optics

American physicist Roy Jay Glauber, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2005, when he laid the foundations for the theory of quantum optics, died on Boxing Day at his home in Arlington, Massachusetts, at the age of 93 years. The announcement of the disappearance was given by The Optical Society, whose honorary member he was

Glauber was born on September 1, 1925 in New York and graduated in 1946 from Harvard University with a degree in physics. Professor of Optics at Arizona, in 1977 he was appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University. He carried out basic research in quantum optics, for which he received various awards and distinctions.

In 2005 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence" together with John L. Hall and Theodor W. Hänsch. In the field of the study of the behavior of light particles, Glauber made an important contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence in the early 1

960s, which provides a treatment based on the elementary absorption processes of the individual photons, which includes both phenomena already explained with the wave theory a whole series of situations in which the quantum nature of light comes into play by force

This explains, thanks to Glauber, the statistical properties of photons emitted by ordinary thermal sources, of photons emitted by lasers, and new field types expected to be their properties have no equivalents in the classical world.

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