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Fiat Chrysler forces Mahindra Roxor to revolution

Mahindra, the famous Indian automaker, has released a first teaser of the new update of its SUV Mahindra Roxor is about to be released in the US. This is a radical design change from the previous model.

This choice is due to the legal issues facing the Indian home Fiat Chrysler. In the past, the Italian-American group Mahindra has accused of copying the design from jeep for his Roxor.

Fiat Chrysler forced Mahindra to radically change the Roxor design

In fact, the vehicle was very similar to some Jeep models, including the famous one Wrangler. Even the judges in the United States agreed Fiat Chrysler Ban on marketing this model in the country.

Therefore Mahindra ran for cover and decided to completely change Roxor̵

7;s design so that she no longer had these problems. The result is obviously a radical change in appearance. This is especially true of the front of the vehicle.

The new model removes the features that linked it to the old one Jeep CJ-2 and now has a grille that is as long as the entire width of the vehicle body. The trapezoidal wheel arches so characteristic of the Jeep CJ e also disappear Wrangler.

In their place we find a flat and horizontal grille with the main headlights much further apart and a new black grille in the lower section. The Roxor has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine That delivers 63 hp and 195 Nm maximum torque.

It is therefore a radical design change that is unlikely to appeal to those who appreciated the first version of the off-road vehicle, but which was really too similar in design to the cars of jeep enough to have violated American copyright laws.

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