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FIGC and Lega meet Premier Conte. Because it’s no longer just about sport

The protocol, the evaluation of the CTS and various and possible decisions of the ministries of health and sport. The date circled in red on the Serie A agenda is the date on which the crucial meeting between the Prime Minister will take place Giuseppe Conte, the President of FIGC Gabriele Gravina and the CEO of the league Paolo Dal Pino.

Government involvement is also at stake – Similar to Germany, Conte has to undergo a discussion with Chancellor Angela Merkel, who put her face to restart the Bundesliga, which was previously characterized by different controversies and misunderstandings between the parties. The good date could be tomorrow, Wednesday, the day the Federal Council is scheduled. Phase 2, at least according to the rumors from yesterday The pressure, began at the behest of the prime minister himself, who would have “forced”

; his hand against the opinion of scientists. And who knows that this doesn’t happen with Serie A either. To say that football and a decision to that effect could endanger governance is exaggerated at first, but given the importance of the economic supply chain that moves around the ball and under constant pressure from the majority and the opponent, first-person descent is on the Playing field inevitable. The date on Wednesday is still quite significant, it is possible that the meeting with three sledges takes a few hours. But within a few days, certainly by the weekend, the problem can be solved once and for all.

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