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Fighter, sleepless Governor Carrie "unloaded" from China

In Hong Kong they call it a "good fighter" because if she could not have fought well and flexibly, Carrie Lam would not have been able to serve the island under two flags, first the British colonial for twenty years until 1997 and then the region with special autonomy after returning to the Chinese motherland. Another twenty years of administrative service, sleeping three hours a night, five when she feels very tired, say those who know her well. In 2017, the Career Award was given to the Chief Executive, Governor of Hong Kong, seven million residents, and thousands of financial institutions, multinational companies in the technology industry, on the stock exchange, to which the whole world is focused.

At the age of 62, Carrie Lam was considered a great navigator of politics who was able to adapt the course and dodge the rock. He prepares madly for any movement and makes no mistakes. When she went to school as a child with Catholic nuns, she was always the first in the class and so used to crying once to finish fourth in a job. Some also call her a "babysitter" because in the past she was able to repair the damage others (usually men) did.

In 2014, she was selected for conversations with the students of the Umbrella Movement and tried to defuse the protest by taking her time, but without concessions and retreat. Very carefully. What prompted you this time to force your hand and submit a extradition law that burned Hong Kong again? Based on her forty-year administrative experience, it must have been clear to the lady that the law had been worked out in a hurry and badly explained and would have caused more problems than it had solved, even for China. The hypothesis is that the leaders of Beijing (to which Carrie Lam has been nominated as chief executive) sent the striker on a risky bet, forcing them to retire, blaming them for the failure.

In the past, Carrie Lam entrusted to a pension fund: she retired to private life in the UK. Maybe it's time for the good fighter to buy a ticket for Hong Kong London in one direction.

15th June 2019 (revised on June 15, 2019 | 21:31)


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