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Fiorentina-Juve, the testimonies of CM: lush Ribéry, Ronaldo rail | Primapagina

Fiorentina-Juventus 0-0


Dragowski 6.5 : He is not often questioned, but when he answers he is always present. To underline a nice parade on Matuidi, who had pulled a broadside from the outside.

Milenkovic 6.5 : capitalization also for the Serbian giant, which proves its quality and its centimeters both in attack and in defense. Half a voice less than the comrades in the community, for a header that he leaned weakly in Szczesny's arms, all alone in the enemy zone.

Pezzella 7 : Captain and leader of the defense. Play in the middle between Higuain and Ronaldo, but all balls are his. Wonderful in front of Ronaldo, with a flash that takes away the ball from the Portuguese with the door wide open. (from 38. Ceccherini SV : There is a danger that the party will be ruined with a nasty back pass, but the bread will be brought home.)

Caceres 7 : Super debut for the Uruguayan, who plays on the left in the three defenders and seems to have always been deployed in the purple division. Tournament with your feet, always looking for the companions, always ready in the closures.

Lirola 6 : The pressure on the lane is constant, but not always accurate. He touches many balls and always overlaps, but the crosses are often not accurate.

Pulgar 6.5 : The Chilean is already the protagonist of the purple median, he accompanies the young teammates and flies the game very well. Its launches create beautiful openings that are sometimes misused by comrades.

Badelj 6.5 : The Purple Director is the perfect glue for the young Florentine who can combine quality and quantity without ever risking the game or wasting balloons. A player like him served as bread.

Castrovilli 7 : This guy is Fiorentinas future, and he certifies them more and more with every performance. Attacks, defends, cleans dangerous balloons and goes forward. Ribery deprives him of the best palm in the field, but the future is entirely on his side. (from 43.) Zurkowski: SV )

Dalbert 6.5 : Superspiel also for the Brazilian external, who arrived under the general skepticism and showed a super performance. A tireless engine, sometimes it leaves some room for defense, but it is a constant thorn in the eye of the Juventus defense.

Chiesa 6.5 : The 25 violas are hungry to do well and show his fans that he can be a protagonist. The defense of Juventus has locked him up well, but two conclusions were very dangerous. He will have time to declare, but solid achievements like this can only make us think.

Ribery 7 : Certainly the best in the field, the true driver of Fiorentina for the seventies on which he travels. Show the incredible lead in a closing to Ronaldo after a 50-meter appeal. Engages with Szczesny and gives Dalbert a chocolate that the Brazilian does not refuse. (From 27th Boateng 6.5 : Enter with the desire to break the world and find almost no super target.)

Montella 7 : Valuable point, earned thanks to a perfect preparation the race and a module that messed up Sarris' cards. After this game, he chases away the clouds that have piled up around him, because if this is Fiorentina, it will be fun.


Szczesny 6: During the start, he almost gave Chiesa the edge as he pushed him back, and then fell back to a lightness from De Ligt, who was waiting for Ribery. And even then, he is a good guard every time he needs it.

Danilo 6 : Not perfect, but he always understands himself. And before that, he pushes himself with great caution. This does not prevent him from cramping after only one hour of play (1

7. Cuadrado 6 : Without De Sciglio and Danilo, he is forced to accelerate the transformation into a defender, which is nothing new now).

Bonucci 6: orders the defense to find, beyond the empty passes in the 15 minutes of the blackout with Napoli De Ligt 5.5 the pre-Milan levels: a Different intensity and concentration, the too light passage that could have cost the target in the beginning is an example. Then he raises the shields, perhaps lazily, but soon

Alex Sandro 6.5 : concrete and consistent what has not been in the last two years

Khedira 6 : he had not foreseen the ninety minutes , he lets her go when needed

Pjanic 5.5 : Immediately admonished, his play always stays on the thin thread of his nerves, then he hurts too. Saturday from
forgotten for the Bosnian (44 p pt Bentancur 6.5: In the press conference of the coronation of Sarri, Pjanic's injury allowed him to debut in the league and he reacts in the double-phase)

Matuidi 6 : His repetition was explained by Sarri, elementary to the head and lungs, to cover Ronaldo's shoulders. And that continues to be good.

Douglas Costa sv: Done, go, stop. What a pity (8 p p t Bernardeschi 5: gets cold, they continue their performance in the suspense of "I wish I could not")

Higuain 5.5: at this time he is absent unjustified in the first half, better in the second half also helps near the penalty area, the worst performance of this championship start remains

Cristiano Ronaldo 5 : It attracts the attention of the entire purple defense, however Instead of the raffle, only one kick is fixed. And if he has the room to shoot, he shoots holes

All. Sarri 5.5 : Appears without a jacket and tie, but can change for Juve to some extent. With Fiorentina, he suffers a lot from his team, which was never really in the game, and is conditioned by three muscle injuries in an hour that force the technician to change the race plan. If you can not win, it is important not to lose, an Allegra mantra, which is exceptionally suitable for Sarri.

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