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from "copiona" to the influential university

  chiara ferragni

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Chiara Ferragni had written off an exam and Bocconi suspended her for six months and decided that she should be a fashion blogger

Clever as an entrepreneur, somewhat less like a student, Giovanni Valotti, a professor, revealed Bocconi University in Milan that Chiara Ferragni was commissioned to copy a Jurisprudence Examination The University Disciplinary Commission suspended them for six months, during which time Ferragni obtained the decision to become Fashion Blogger Apparently his career as a lawyer was not in his fate

Chiara Ferragni "copy" after Bocconi

Before she decided to become fashion blogger and future wife of Fedez, Chiara Ferragni had decided to He was a lawyer. He then enrolled at the University Bocconi a prestigious private university in Milan, and began his studies, which apparently were not all that profitable. " Chiara Ferragni was one of my students, she was a jurist at my faculty" recount Il Fatto Quotidiano Giovanni Valotti, President of Utilitalia (Association of Light, Water, Gas and Water) Waste company)) and the lecturer at Bocconi.

The young Ferragni probably was not really interested in topics so as not to remember the concepts just studied.

Instead of changing faculties, a nice day would have decided to pass the exam with some help. The future fashion blogger, which counts 13.3 million followers, may not have been very cunning because he was pinched.

"I first got to know it before it became famous in Berlin Disciplinary Commission in Berlin where the guys who had some problems landed. Chiara Ferragni had Just copy "reveals Giovanni Valotti. "I do not know if I'll do a report here," the professor puts his hands on, but does not reveal that "the" poor "(of course, of course) have the cards stuck to the calf." "Having the long calf was the encyclopedia of trial," concludes an ironic Valotti

fashion blogger

Not all evil, however, comes to harm. In fact, Bocconi suspended Chiara Ferragni for a good six months, during which she was not allowed to take exams.

A decision that Ferragni could not have endured so much that shortly thereafter, when she left the university, she brought Valotti the intention to become fashion blogger in Italy

But Ferragni has apparently always had the entrepreneurial ball, and perhaps he wanted to prove, above all, even without this famous "piece of paper" that he has success in life. And indeed Giovanni Valotti admits that today Chiara Ferragni when she meets him, "makes the gesture of the umbrella".

Marriage with Fedez

Indeed, the University was leaving a far-sighted election for Chiara Ferragni . In a short time it has actually become one of the most influential Influencers in the world in terms of fashion. A career that allowed her not to visit a few celebrities, including Fedez of which she already had a child. However, on September 1, the fashion blogger and rapper will join in Marriage

. At first there was talk of a celebration in the church, which even in the cathedral of Noto aroused indignation at least Fedez does not seem to be really a fervent Catholic.

The weekly Oggi denies the news a few days ago that Chiara Ferragni and Fedez will hold a civil marriage at the Palazzo Ducezio, also in Noto.

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