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Gasperini in the conference: “We score 3 points, so we cut out Napoli”

Hard statements and poison, at least from a sporting point of view, that of Atalanta coach Gianpiero Gasperini, who also brought Napoli into play at a press conference on the eve of the derby against Brescia: “Juve?” I have never felt sorry for the 2-2. The performance was so good that you cannot regret it. We are sorry that we scored goals at a time when we thought we had won the game, but then there is the rest of the good that we did that was recognized. We played well on the Juventus field. Now we have to be able to play the rest of the championship well because we are very close to our goal. “

The concentration cannot drop at the moment. “The game with Brescia is different and with other types of strangers the opponent̵

7;s motivation can be very high. We have to think about the possibility of qualifying in Europe: with three mathematical points Let’s cut out Napoli, These five days before the end would be a great goal. But we don’t want to stop here and do our best to do well in the Champions League in August. “

For the fourth time in a row, Atalanta is about to qualify in Europe. “It’s extraordinary when I think of it when I got here four years ago. But we want to continue, there are a number of points, goals and victories to be scored: There have been a lot of things that have been good in the last six games can make.”

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