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Giuseppe Conte accuses Matteo Salvini of interfering and thinking about the plan to change the majority

Contes discomfort is the fact that he considers himself king, but not even a prince consort. This role belongs to Di Maio, who does so at least in a clash with his ally Salvini, who had reached a peak last year with 34% of the vote. The first lawyer of the people, on the other hand, is only an agent, he does not have his own strength, he has to answer those who installed him, that is Cinquestelle and Lega. At the beginning, the professor of Volturara Appula (1

9459006) was fully aware of this and behaved accordingly. But then everything was easier. The government contract had just been signed and the strange yellow-blue marriage had yet to be completed. The Prime Minister merely made the notary and nodded to the decisions of others. He joined the team of potential Grillini ministers presented before the vote and was promoted when Casaleggio and Gigino, who had twice as many votes as Salvini, had to appoint a president of the council of their area who was not political , The problems started when the balance of power between the M5S and the League toppled and Conte got into an identity crisis . With the majority shareholder change, the Prime Minister lost consciousness of his mission for third parties. He did not let the quail jump and gave himself to the new strong man Matteo, and he should be honored for that. But he renounced his role as guarantor, lined up in the Palazzo Chigi to represent the two contractors, and began to play a personal game. The surveys attested to him a strong public recognition, which at peak times was around 60%. Conte misunderstood. He thought it was a personal investment and not the price for the fact that the Italians understood that he was struggling to get dog and cat, these are the yellow, green and blue armies. He even wanted to start a personal party, then realized that he would end up like Monti, and he gave up the idea.


However, the renunciation did not bring him to peace. The Prime Minister is excited, irritated that Salvini matters more than he does and attacks him, as does Di Maio. But while the leader Grillino has political coverage, the professor does not. Confronting Salvini in public, Conte reveals his mission not to make politics, but act as a guarantor to represent the two parties, not just one to resolve the disagreements between the M5S and the League. Instead, he feeds her and advocates for her, then accuses the Home Secretary of not being in the role and "playing the Prime Minister" if, instead, he is the first to flood. If the professor is not as good as the leader of the Northern League, he must act accordingly, not Matthew. If he leaves, nobody has chosen him, he is not obliged to stay if he does not like the situation. If one pope dies, he does another, let alone what problem might exist in the fall eliminate the count error of a count. It is more difficult to find and approve an accredited political leader with 35%. The recent controversy fueled by the premier and vice premiere Grillino couple is casual. The two accused the Home Secretary of not having received the unions at the headquarters of the League, but in the Home Office, because he had met them as a political leader and not as a member of the government. According to the couple, it would be an "irrational gesture" an "invasion of the field . Gigino even claimed it was a distraction to distract attention from Russiagate. Maybe he forgets that the appointment was set before it broke out. Meanwhile, Matteo can no longer go to the bathroom without being accused of wanting to remove the headlight from the Savoini case. If he walks around, he will be brought to justice because he is never in the Ministry of Interior, but when he does it with the landlord, they tell him that he should have been somewhere else. We are ridiculous. Today, he will, so to speak, visit a cat house, and the Democratic Party accuses him of instrumental animalism in order to erase the shadow of Putin. It is not clear why Di Maio gets so upset when Salvini meets Landini. In the Ministry, the grillino has opened more than a hundred crisis tables with companies for over a year. He wanted to work instead of arguing about what others were doing, he would have to do it.


But Gigino, ungrateful paper model of the government alliance. What is not justified is Conte, who as a guest of the Palazzo Chigi runs the risk of becoming an abusive tenant. He hindered Salvini in the fight against immigration, fought against the use of military ships and broke lances in favor of NGOs, in Europe he has moved a finger to advocate the appointment of a Commissioner of the Northern League, silent about the flat tax and tacitly obstructs the Autonomy. He moves like the technical ministers Moavero and Tria and seeks a bench on the hill, only that the first ones were more or less proposed by the Quirinale and have effective technical skills for the role they hold, Professor Giuseppe No his ambitions, but neither his idea nor his project are known, and this is a handicap for those who have political ambitions. One almost has the impression that you are challenging Salvini and pointing to the demolition of the government in order to stay in Palazzo Chigi, governed by Cinquestelle and Pd with the support of Mattarella. Obviously, despite those Italians who still have the illusion that their vote counts for something, and they go to the polls to vote for Salvini and the center.

di Pietro Senaldi

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