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GOSSIP / Andrea Iannone has puffed her mouth? The opinion of the Spanish surgeon

Andrea Iannone has renewed his lips since he is paired with Belen Rodriguez ? This question is asked by many, especially given the comparison between a photo of the pilot a few years ago and a recent one. According to what the surgeon Antonio Spagnolo declared to be "Chi", the Abruzzese exaggerated some parts of his face, perhaps according to female advice; in fact, the doctor hypothesized that there might be a woman's hand behind the motorcyclist's physical transformation.

Will Iannone be renewed? The expert Antonio Spagnolo does not doubt

With regard to the latest photos of Andrea Iannone many have wondered if something has changed compared to a few years ago; the face seems to have turned, especially the mouth and cheekbones.

The weekly Chi, in the edition published Wednesday, June 27, reported the opinion of a well-known cosmetic surgeon certain that the friend of Belen Rodriguez [VIDEO] in recent years often on " Retouchers "

" Iannone's lip retouching is embarrassing, I do not think it's his choice because it's a feminized version of male beauty. " This is the thought of the expert Antonio Spagnolo on the alleged transformation of the motorcyclist

"To regain lips and cheekbones are mostly women.A man can not want such changes.these kinds of interventions filler of the lips, because a man must be male and have a rather rough charm "- added the doctor who suggested that if the Abruzzese had renewed something, it would not be a his idea

That the Argentine showgirl behind the Metamorphosis entertains his companion? This is not the first time that we are talking about a kind of fixation on the 33-year-old male beauty. Fabrizio Corona recently interviewed on this subject has announced that his ex wants to make all his men more beautiful, both in appearance and appearance.

Iannone in Ibiza argues peace with Belen, however, argues with a paparazzo

The journal Chi not only reported the opinion of the surgeon Antonio Spagnolo on the alleged aesthetic changes of Andrea Iannone, but also reported on the Pilot and his girlfriend. Ibiza arrived separately for a few days of relaxation, the boy and Belen Rodriguez slowly seem to have solved the problems that would have undermined their relationship in the last period.

Among dinners in exclusive clubs on the island and fun videos uploaded on social networks, it seems that between the two is decorated the serene (the most attentive have also noticed that they have started on Instagram Estimating after a "frost" lasted for almost a month.

Although it was said that the relationship with the showgirl was best, the motorcyclist became a few days ago protagonist of a bad episode the weekly indeed, Alfonso Signorini has in detail explained the aggression that would have made Iannone [VIDEO] a paparazzo in the Balearic Islands

According to the photographer, the companion of the Argentine would have taken him by the neck and the keys to the bike taken away after noticing that he was being persecuted, the man also said that Andrea had threatened him before leaving paparazzo Theft and aggression was displayed.

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