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Half-Life 3 was real, but was canceled (just like that)

Asked loudly by fans for generations Half-life 3 is one of those titles that have become a legend thanks to rumors about the corridor, fan art and anyone who has more.

Of course, it is true that after the publication of the excellent Half-life: AlyxMany wonder if Valve do not really intend to offer the true third chapter of his famous saga of subjective shooter to the public in unprecedented times, which has become a real undisputed myth over the years.

Half-Life 3 was real, but was canceled (just like that)

Now on the occasion of the publication of the interactive picture book The last hours of the half-life: Alyx Geoff Keighley has created a background that will surely cause fans of the Valve series to fail: Half-life 3 existed but was canceled.

That’s right: the game should be an FPS with some procedural elements and an above-average repeatability rate. More specifically, the player would have had to deal with a scenario to build independently, with many objectives and enemies to set, and then have an action designed by the developers tie the whole thing together.

Frank Sheldon, the actor who gave face to the mysterious “G-Man” should have appeared in the game, although some problems with the Source 2 Then they blocked the work on the project (event between 2012 and 2014).

Half-Life 3 was real, but was canceled (just like that)

It didn’t end here: in addition to Half-life 3Valve also developed Left 4 dead 3that was supposed to be an open world in Morocco where the player was called to survive hundreds of undead at the same time. The fate of the game was unfortunately the same as in Gordon Freeman’s third adventure.

Finally, there also seem to be a number of more or less promising cross-section titles that were discontinued at various stages of development:

  • ROLE PLAYING GAME: an RPG based on the model of The Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls is Monster hunter, although development of the project never really started (some fragments of the project were used for other games.
  • ART: A title based on perfect craftsmanship Minecraftwho saw the writer’s involvement from Half-life 2 and portal, Erik Wolpaw.
  • SimTrek: A VR game developed by some members of the Kerbal Space Program. The project was devastated during development Half-life: Alyx.
  • Sagittarius: a VR shooter based on The Lab project based on some assets from Half-life 2 and characterized by short and intensive game sessions. It was mainly viewed as an attraction for a theme park Half-life.
  • Borealis: VR project connected again with the franchise of Half-life VR, written by Marc Laidlaw, should include the presence of time travel that was discontinued shortly afterwards Half-life 2: Episode 2. Note: would have included a fishing mini-game.
  • Hot dog: a code name to be identified Left 4 dead 3.
  • Vader: the name of the first, Valve’s real attempt to make a virtual reality helmet, perhaps too ambitious for the pockets of ordinary gamers (there was talk of $ 5,000 a unit). Half-life: Alyx It should be one of the first compatible games.

On the pages of Spaziogames You can also find our rating of Half-life: Alyx:, available from March 23, 2020. In the article we explained to you that «From now on, the other VR productions have to follow, and at the same time it is worth standing next to all other chapters of the historical series.»


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