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Hanger, suspected competition in the Pekulation – Last Hour

(ANSA) – TURIN, JUNE 15 – The mayor of Turin Chiara
Hanger has received a guarantee statement with reference to
Consulting surveys of the Foundation for the
Book to his former press spokesman Luca Pasquaretta, researched
for embezzlement. The same mayor announced it in the evening
his Facebook profile.- "When," writes Appendino – a few months
before the book fair took place, circulated over the
Newspaper this hypothesis, I answered in the classroom on an interpellation
to explain that it was absolutely no intention
the administration. Nevertheless
However, this advice was entrusted by the Commission
Foundation. "Appendino adds that" after the reconstruction
prosecutors did not provide this advice to the interested party and,
For this reason, the peculiarity is accepted. In my case, yes
suspects the "competition" in the same crime, according to PM,
The advice would be entrusted and paid, I quote
Textually with my "consent". I'm quiet, "he says.
will explain everything.