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her husband Nicola secretly films her

Ex-producer Nicola Carraro, who has been Mara Venier’s husband for some time, has discovered his great passion, namely to take back the object of his wishes: his wife

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And after I took it back while he was fucking ** He did it again on the terrace here behind the scenes on Sundaywhile Mara Venier He was …

Treacherous shooting then posted on Instagram


It happened again: Nicola Carraro, former film producer e Husband of the lady of Sunday, Mara Venier ha, again, brought back to “betrayal” his wife and of course posted the video on Instagram

Behind the scenes on Sunday In Mara is …


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Mara is behind the scenes of Sunday In but she’s surprised and has behind the scenes of Domenica In Set the desk cwith different make-ups and brushes: in short, the desk has become its changing room.

With the lock “makeup artist forbidden”


Until Sunday, in fact, in a Covid 19 health emergency here it is Hairdresser and make-up artist they couldn’t help Ladder to settle down and that’s why each of them does what he can arrange alone.In fact, Mara cut her hair herself a few days ago …


There Venier succeeds very well inMakeup and wig surgery, doesn’t notice Nicola lurks and take it back. Make up comment: “Look how beautiful my aunt’s love is, look how beautiful i am boy “.

Carraro writes on Instagram: “Mythic”


How Caption for the video his wife, Write Carraro on Instagrame: “Mythical”. And among his followers there are those who emphasize how much Nicola was lucky Meet Venier and writes:

“Doctor Carraro … or Mr. Nicola, as I call her confidential. Have you ever thought about how your life was going when you hadn’t met Mara? Have you ever been angry at not having known her before and therefore, not having had more time to be with her? I think people are likely to come into our lives at the right time. This was probably the most beautiful gift life wanted to give her. Excuse me if I allowed myself to .

The former producer replies: “You have already replied People come into our lives at the right time“.

This time the host doesn’t cook or fucks …


Aunt Mara this time it is not undressed, barefoot or cleaning. Nicola got it a few days ago surprised as she swept the terrace armed with broom: a time when the blonde The moderator rested sitting on the wall, half extended, barefoot and still with a broom in hand. A video that tells in a colorful way Mara directly with Bonolis caused exhilaration and endless double senses: “He makes videos for me when I don’t notice while I fuck **

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