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Here are the three most important ones to include in our diet

Good Food is not only important to our body or to eliminate the extra pounds that make us suffer a lot every summer. Eating Well also means that you can follow a diet that gives the whole body the right contributions to stay healthy .

Actually it is spoken about today. foods that are good for the brain and for our entire nervous system. It is obvious that a single intake will not make us Einstein, but constant consumption and inclusion in our diet plan can be very helpful.

What to eat to improve our brains?

Explaining and Explaining What The Most Important Nutrition For The Brain is Lisa Mosconi, Deputy Director of the Department of Alzheimer's Prevention, New York. He recently published his book Feeding the Brain – All the Foods That Makes You Smarter. This guide explains which foods are good for our brains. Everything is rigorously tested.

But now let's look at the three most important foods for our brain and nervous system. Each item is explained in detail by Lisa Mosconi.

  1. Water: "Over 80% of our brain is water. Every chemical reaction that takes place in the brain needs it, including the production of energy in the brain. No water, no energy. And even minimal water loss, such as a 3-4% decrease, can cause neurological symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, and confusion. Not only: Brain imaging studies have shown that mild (subclinical) dehydration causes the brain to shrink and lose volume. That's why we have to drink a lot for our brains.
  2. Sugar: "When the brain needs energy, it is based solely on the type of fast energy of carbohydrates (simple sugars) and specifically sugar specifically called glucose. 99% of brain energy is obtained from glucose under normal physiological conditions. In addition, glucose is the substrate of many neurotransmitters (the chemical messengers of our brain), such as glutamate and GABA which are the only switch of all of our brain cells. So yes, glucose is good for the brain.
  3. Fish and Omega 3: "The oily fish of the cold seas are high in omega-3 fatty acids, especially of a certain type called DHA. 70% of brain fat is omega-3 DHA. This fat comes exclusively from the diet, so we have to eat regularly enough. Salmon is an excellent source, as are blue fish, mackerel, sardines and anchovies. Research shows that people whose diet contained less than 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day had the highest contraction rates in the brain over time (which is not a positive result, of course) and had the highest Alzheimer's risk. Those whose daily diet was 6 grams or more had a healthier and "younger" brain.

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