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Iliad unlimited appearances (almost). Does the tariff replace home internet?

Iliad almost flat

New update here on 4Fan.it, which is obviously connected to the Iliad world and in these days after the Introduction of the new tariff Iliad 100 Giga. As so many have defined it an almost flat one. For those who lost the previous episode, this is a timed offer that will expire on October 15th at exactly 3pm. Unless Iliad decides last minute to expand the offer. As already mentioned, it is therefore a so-called “flash” plan that is only valid for a very short period of time and has already messed up the market in those first hours of marketing.

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Our followers commented a lot on the news and in the quiet of the weekend here on 4Fan.it we would like to take stock of the strategy Ilias is pursuing with this brand new proposal. Was it a good move, yes or no? As always, we have our word so we’ll see you in the comments section below to discuss with you.

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Iliad 100 Giga is an almost flat one

It is the first essential point to understand the Iliad strategy with the introduction of this new offering. It is indeed one almost flat. 100 gigabytes are sure to exceed the traffic threshold that can really be managed by a cell phone, and allow Ilias to wink at a wider type of user and also respond to new demands that the cell phone has created Covid-19 pandemic.

Tethering and generous hotspot for operating computers connected mainly to video conferencing for business needs. Often times, the home connection is either non-existent or not as efficient. That is why Ilias has tried to conquer this new user who wants to prepare for a winter that will certainly not be easy, when many will continue to work remotely from home and need powerful and stable connections. Without worrying about the leaking devices.

Chances are, many of the purchases from this new offering aren’t portability, but rather secondary Sims kept there as a piggy bank by jigs. The double sim trend is back with the coronavirus emergency, and we’ve already seen that.

However, there are those who are disappointed

There are some negatives to this new start that break months of commercial silence. Ilias put some seasoning on the market in late summer, and that’s definitely great. However, many existing Ilias customers still complain about the impossibility for existing customers to switch from one plan to another. The tariff change remains a mirage, and the difficulties currently preventing Iliad from seemingly easy implementation are quite puzzling.

Obviously, as we have already written, many organize themselves with it TriangulationsTemporarily transferred to another operator and then return to Iliad with the new 100 giga offer from Iliad.

The next step is fiber

It is possible that the next big news will be a fiber offering. It won’t be long before Iliad Italia is also launched in fixed-line telephony, as the heads of state and government have clearly indicated the first few days in January 2021 as the start date. So it really is a matter of a couple of weeks (another great reason to stay tuned by downloading our app now πŸ˜‰).

In the past few hours, Benedetto Levi, CEO of Iliad, got back on the subject of fiber, commenting on a message that affects Iliad only as a result, namely the merger between Open Fiber and the TIM network. For Levi, it remains important that the wholesaler, which is involved in building the network and reselling broadband to operators, remains completely independent of TIM. Italy cannot really afford such a big step backwards.

As promised at the beginning, the floor now goes to you and your comments. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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