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Intel Core i9-9900KS: TDP of 127 watts and clock of 4 to 5 GHz

New details on the technical specifications of the Intel processors
Core i9-9900KS
Top offer of the American company that will be
Sale from October
. This CPU will repeat the same
Number of cores, 8, the Core i9-9900K model now with the plus in sales
given by the higher clock frequency.

Thanks to the information of ASUS on its website, with the
List of processors compatible with the latest BIOS versions
own motherboards, which now also include the Core i9-9900KS model,
What are the final specifications of this CPU?

The TDP is 127 watts a value higher than 95 watts
the Core i9-9900K model, while the standard clock frequency changes to 4 GHz
starting at 3.6 GHz of the 9900K model. We remember the value of TDP given by
Intel is guaranteed only at the base clock frequency of 4 GHz; Exploit the
Turbo Boost technology implements the maximum frequency in these processors
increases to 5 GHz whereby all cores are exploited to 1

Potentiality, but consumption also rises above the value of TDP

. These specifications clearly show that the new CPUs
Requires motherboards with power supply circuitry
additionally capable of a cooling system
the heat generated by the CPU with both the standard clock frequency and
and above all beyond the turbo clock frequency.

Now it remains to be seen what the official price of this processor will be; the
The model Core i9-9900K is offered in the price list for $ 488 excluding taxes
American company prices for batches of 1,000 processors.

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