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Inter 0-0 Turin | The direct one

The first half of the game is underway. Eriksen is still excluded from the starting grid

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11 ‘ – One-sided shot from a great distance from Godin: ball on the ground.

09 ‘ – Lautaro’s tight cross is pushed out of his head by Aina to anticipate D’Ambrosio.

06 ‘ – When developing the first corner of the game, Lautaro tried to shoot, but he slipped at the moment of completion: ball on the floor.

05 ̵

6; – Mistress of the field.

03 ‘ – The bull tries to build from below, but cannot develop the action due to the pressure from Nerazzurri.

01 ‘ – Lautaro immediately tries to reach the conclusion, stopped by Izzo’s body. Very aggressive inter since kick-off.

9:42 p.m. – Teams enter the field.

9.40pm – 5 minutes before kick-off

– –

The game is about to start.

9:15 p.m. – Warming up before the game starts

– –

Inter and Torino owners complete the pre-game warm-up: kick-off in 30 minutes.

20.40 – Eriksen’s exclusion confirmed

– –

Once again Antonio Conte preferred Borja Valero Eriksen as a playmaker. D’Ambrosio and Young both won the vote with Candreva and Biraghi. Striker confirmed the exclusion of Lukaku, who will not even sit on the bench. In Toro Bremer he was preferred to Lyanco, as was Aina Edera. Bull in the field with the 3-5-2.

Inter, the official lineup

– –

(3-4-1-2): 1 Handanovic; 2 Godin, 6 de Vrij, 95 sticks; 33 D’Ambrosio, 77 Brozovic, 5 Gagliardini, 15 Young; 20 Borja Valero; 7 Sanchez, 10 Lautaro. Available: 27 Padelli, 46 Berni, 13 Ranocchia, 18 Asamoah, 24 Eriksen, 30 Esposito, 31 Pirola, 32 Agoumé, 34 Biraghi, 37 Skriniar, 87 Candreva. Trainer: Antonio Conte.

Turin, the official training

– –

(3-5-2): 39 Sirigu; 5 Izzo, 33 N’Koulou, 36 Bremer; 29 De Silvestri, 23 Meité, 88 Rincon, 15 Ansaldi, 34 Aina; 24 Verdi, 9 Belotti. Available: 18 Ujkani, 25 Rosati, 4 Lyanco, 7 Lukic, 17 Singo, 19 Greco, 20 Ivy, 21 Berenguer, 22 Millico, 27 Ghazoini, 30 Djidji, 80 Adopo. Trainer: Moreno Longo.

7.40 p.m. – Eriksen still on the way to exclusion

– –

According to rumors, Eriksen appears to be destined to leave the bank.

The goals

– –

Today’s match between Inter is Turin ends on the 32nd day of the championship. The Nerazzurri will conquer the field to win and climb Atalanta, while reaching Lazio with 68 points. The grenades for their part would need points to continue their win against Brescia last Wednesday, moving away from the relegation zone where they have a 5 point lead after Lecce’s tie in Cagliari.

The moment of inter

– –

The Nerazzurri have returned from the 2-2 draw in Verona and the internal loss to Bologna. Two difficult-to-digest results that put an end to any wish for a comeback in a championship key. Realistically speaking, the Nerazzurri must now concentrate on the goal of achieving second place in the overall classification and thus improving fourth place in the past season.

The moment of Turin

– –

Even the grenades don’t have a happy time. The success of Brescia has allowed us to catch our breath, but the Longo team that has been seen over the past few weeks seemed anything but brilliant and still have to fight to avoid being drawn into the dangerous area of ​​the overall standings to become. Statistics are emblematic: the grenades have scored an average of 0.78 points per game since Moreno Longo’s arrival. Under the direction of Walter Mazzarri, however, the average was 1.23 points.

Inter, the likely formation

– –

(3-4-1-2): Handanovic; Skriniar, de Vrij, Bastoni; Candreva, Brozovic, Gagliardini, Biraghi; Eriksen; Sanchez, Lautaro Martinez. Available: Padelli, Godin, Ranocchia, D’ambrosio, Vecino, Young, Moses, Borja Valero, Asamoah, Agoume, Esposito and Lukaku. Trainer: Antonio Conte.

Turin, the likely formation

– –

(3-4-2-1): Sirigu; Izzo, N’koulou, Lyanco; De Silvestri, Meité, Rincon, Ansaldi; Verdi, ivy; Belotti. Available: Ujkani, Rosati, Aina, Bremer, Singo, Djidji, Ghazoini, Berenguer, Millico, Adopo, Lukic, Greco. Trainer: Moreno Longo.


– –

Today’s challenge will be 152 in Serie A between Inter and Turin: 66 wins for the Nerazzurri, 36 for the grenades and 49 for the draws. If you only look at the games in Milan, Inter’s record is even better: 38 wins, 26 draws and 11 external successes. The last two championship games in San Siro ended in a tie (1-1 and 2-2). Since 1985 the Toro has not come out of the Meazza three times unbeaten. The last external victory of the grenades in Inter’s house goes back to April 3, 2016: a 2-1 comeback, which was decided by goals from Icardi (rig.), Molinaro and Belotti (rig.).

TV and streaming

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Inter-Torino is an exclusive sky match broadcast with the commentary by Maurizio Compagnoni and Luca Marchegiani. The game is broadcast on channels 202 and 252 of the satellite decoder and on channels 473 and 483 of the digital terrestrial system. It will also be possible to stream the game via Now TV and Sky Go services.

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