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Inter, Spalletti: Conte, right? Who chose it left me at home & # 39; & # 39;

RIMINI – "I've left a strong team of strong players, and if I did a lot or a lot for Inter, time will tell, and of course I have too long a time that does not happen Nerazzurri reported on the Champions League coach, that's a fact, "says Luciano Spalletti. "It was an honor to train in Milan, it's a good team and a great reality, and you only notice that when you work on it." Luciano Spalletti: The now former Nerazzurri coach, a guest at the event, organized by the Italian football coach selection and SGPlus at the Rimini fair, remembers his two years in Milan without resentment. And on Conte, he does not unbutton: "If he's the right man, ask who decides and who decides I should not stay home, who builds, chooses people for important roles."


He had to speak for an hour, instead Spalletti in the Lesson "The Trainer Experience" with coaches, football professionals and enthusiasts almost twice as long: "I'm one who does that. I work here, leaving other family and personal situations aside in order to develop it well so that I get involved with it with passion and feeling and always draw things from it, which leaves me an open window to what must be and shape the future. " Future, of which, however, does not want to mention: "Sabbatical year, I'm not telling you, we all have to give an account to those who vote, and I have not been elected, so I'm home."

"Contento per Montella"

But the connection to Inter is still very strong: "I have wonderful memories with me, an experience you only understand when you live from within." Words for honey also for the fans: "They are extraordinary, you have to answer them because they expect so much, a huge pool that deserves satisfaction." Last joke about Fiorentina (rumors that could replace Montella were shot): "I'm glad that Vincenzo stayed ̵

1; he says – because this year is his team and his work, last year was a part job and as a result gives What came out of the quality of the person and the coach no value. "

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