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iOS 13.2.3: New update for iPhone available

iOS 13.2.3 can now be downloaded for all supported iPhones. The same update for iPadOS is also available for the iPad. Let's discover the following news.

  iOS 13.2.3

The iOS 13 update is available in minutes via OTA and manual PC and Mac updates, with some improvements and bug fixes. Here they are:

  • Fixes an issue that can prevent searches from working in the system and in Mail, File, and Notes apps.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented photos, links, and other types of attachments from working in the Details view of the News app.
  • Fixes an issue where apps could not download background content.
  • Fixes an issue where the Mail app will not receive new messages, add Exchange accounts, and quote the contents of the original message.

  iOS 13.2.3

The usual security updates are always available to ensure the soundness of the iPhone and iPad operating system. All this makes the update in question really recommended for all users with iOS 13 on the iPhone and iPadOS 13 on the iPad.

The update requires the device to be charged and connected to a WiFi network. In our case, the weight of the iPhone 11 Pro does not exceed 104 MB and the update is quick to install. If we discover new information about the update to iOS 13.2.3, we will update you as usual on the pages of our blog.


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