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Moise Kean tries to climb, Juventus made it partially and in the new season he will try again, but now comes the national team with the U21 and the young Italian does not have to lug Italy with the role appearance or outsider but star of a national team that has important goals.

Moise does not hide, as he has often said, and thanks also Verona for the year: "It can always be useful to lend something to young people, you can improve yourself, have more space, be more aware of it, what you do, I needed a lot, I learned to be with the big boys to stay in Serie A. I was very fortunate to come back to Juventus and have room to show what I can do. "


1; Kean is happy to stay in. I have explained it several times in Turin and in a recent interview was absolutely grateful: "When I arrived at Juventus when I arrived in Vinovo, I realized that things would change, Juventus helps you to grow and become" man in all the things you want to do. They learn many things without realizing it. Technically, I've improved, but my goal is to improve more and more every day. I am aware that I am wearing a shirt that bears responsibility, but it is not "I focus on my way, I am sure there are no other teams at the moment to help me, Juventus I was born here and have almost always done it. " wears the black and white jersey Of course I do not know what the future will look like, but what is certain is that I will always give the best. "

JUVE AND RENEWAL PROJECT – In Turin they have been improving a serious technical project for the boy of growth and improvement it in every way.With Mino Raiola we have already talked about the renewal that is up to 2024 will be held at a salary of more than 2 million euros.

In short, Juventus believes in it, now he must believe that he is pulling Italy to the European category title.

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