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Last message Medjugorje from August 25, 2019 to the visionary Marija

Prayer, witness with the rosary in hand. Here's what Our Lady speaks to us in today's last message from Medjugorje.

  Medjugorje Embassy August 25 Last month, Our Lady warned us of the impending trials and invited us to return to prayer. Today, the Queen of Peace reminds us that our efforts are being paid ten times as much by Heavenly Father.

Medjugorje: Message of August 25, 2019

"Dear children, pray, work and display with love the kingdom of heaven so that you may feel well here on earth, children, God will bless your efforts hundreds of times, and you will be witnesses be among the peoples, the souls of the unbelievers will feel the grace of conversion, and the heavens will be grateful for your efforts and your sacrifices, children testify with the rosary in your hand that you are mine and choose the Thank you for responding to my call ".

How We Have Meditated

We therefore pray in the expectation of the words of the Queen of Peace. Thinking and reflecting on the trials that await us and how Our Lady prepares us to meet them as well as we can.

 Message medjugorje

We must say that the evidence is quite heavy when we are weak, unable to deal with our human strength. The Virgin Mary states that these trials are caused by sin, that is, by malice and by the attacks of evil, as the world, understood as aversion to God, strengthened against truth and love, and destroys society, intervenes in families and in the church itself. On the other hand, there are realities that we can now see abundantly and feel their bitterness and agony. ( from the commentary by Don Renzo Lavatori .

 don renzo

We re-read two earlier messages to Marija

Medjugorje: Message of July 25, 2019

" Dear children, my call for you is prayer Prayer is joy for you and a crown that binds you to God, children, the trials will come and you will not be strong and sin will reign but if you are mine 'Will you win, because your refuge will be the heart of my son Jesus, return to prayer for prayer to come alive for you day and night Thank you for responding to my call.' [19659004] Medjugorje: Message of August 25, 2018

"C ari figli! This is a time of grace, little children, pray more, speak less, and let God guide you on the path of conversion I am with you and I love you with my motherly Dear, Thank you for responding to my call. "

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<h2>  The performances with Marija Pavlovic </h2>
<p>  Marija Pavlovic became born on April 1, 1965 in a hamlet in Citluk, is married since 1993, has 4 children and lives between Italy and Medjugorje Gospa nine of the ten secrets. At first he received weekly news, on Thursday, January 25, 1987, instead the frequency was monthly. For this reason, on the 25th of each month, the visionary of the parish of St. James in Medjugorje transmitted the text of what the Queen of Peace had proposed to ensure its dissemination. </p>
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