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Legnaia Agricultural Cooperative: Salvation comes from the workers – Chronicle

The Coop Legnaia
The Coop Legnaia

Florence, September 19, 2020 – The workers are not there: this is why they have decided to join forces and close save the Legnaia Agricultural Cooperative, with the Mechanism of Worker buyout. 21 employees they actually decided to do it found the Cooperative production work Parco Dell’Oltregreve, supported from the service companies of Confcooperative, Cica Bologna and I join Toscana Link e.g. take over the historical cooperative This brings more than 500 farmers together and offers products Food, plants, seeds and agricultural tools in its three points Sale of Florence, Borgo Sas Lorenzo and Scandicci.

And how much Confcooperative Toscana announces and remembers that Legnaia is «over Time in the forced liquidation: The auction process begins Public with uncertain scenarios to maintain openness e especially about the fate of dozens of employees ». “We started working on the project last January – explains the president of the new cooperative, Stefano Rossi -. We started the process with the support of Confcooperative Toscana of financing with Cooperation Finance and Enterprise, companies Finance company owned by the Ministry of Economic Development, and started a constructive confrontation with local institutions e with the unions. For those who tell us we are crazy to invest there our Naspi in the cooperative and become entrepreneurs, We simply answer that we have a common goal: Regenerate Legnaia as the protagonist with an ambitious project that combines the improvement of work and production local farms with a new social relevance of the center Advertising from Legnaia ». The Woodshed Cooperative Rescue is highlighted then it could become a model for future crises Years. «The workers buyout – says Claudia Fiaschi, President di Confcooperative Toscana – can change business crises Opportunities for economic recovery through the instrument Cooperative: It’s an issue that we drew attention to Main candidates for the presidency of Tuscany in Meetings that we made with a view to the appointment Election tomorrow and Monday so that he can enter Part of the policy of the next regional administration “.

Maurizio Costanzo

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