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LIVE MN – Milan Frosinone (2: 0): Gigio, Piatek and Suso! Champions still in the viewfinder

90 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; END OF SECOND TIME: MILAN FROSINONE 2-0

After a sleepy and whistling first half, the shots explode literally and everything happens. The Frosinone is almost casually the penalty under the feet, but Donnarumma hypnotizes Ciano from eleven meters, as only the big goalkeepers can. The devil finds from the saved punishment the strength and the character to rush forward and find the target: Piatek is a plane killer on Borini's cross and Suso a magician who can turn one admirable punishment into a thousand repetitions. From then on, it's all downhill, and even the exit of the last veteran Ignazio Abate from the field is a moment of tears. A miracle on the siren of Gigio to refuse the enjoyment of Valzania, and here is the threefold whistle, another victory with the champions always in the viewfinder.

90 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; At the Ciociaro Corner, nothing is done, Paganini moves farther

90 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; Corner kick for Frosinone's side, who throws everything forward in search of the flag's goal.

90 Three minutes have passed. [1

9659003] 87 & # 39; Sensational miracle of Donnarumma! Milan, who already has his head at SPAL, forgets Valzania very freely in the area that turns perfectly: Gigio attracts Superman's cloak in a state of grace and performs in a dizzying parade.

85 & # 39; Glorious gesture from Ignazio Abate, who has left the bench for a moment and takes off the tournament shirt, showing a black T-shirt with the inscription "With Milan in the Heart".

83 & # 39; Third and final change for Milan: After ten years with the Rossoneri, he leaves the field in tears and is hugged by Ignazio Abate in his last race in San Siro. Room for Conti, as if it were a symbolic passage for the future.

82 & # 39; Calcia Valzania from 30 meters: hit in the middle of Musacchio, a ball jumps away from the door of Donnarumma.

81 & # 39; San Siro on his feet to greet Piatek's departure from the field: Castillejo is in his place.

81 Çalhanoglu attempts a shot from a great distance: powerful but inaccurate shot, far from Bardis Poland.

80 ' Low rhythms now for the Frosinone, which insists on a ball possession, without finding concrete exits

78 & # 39; Third and last change for Frosinone: Ciofani records Ciano.

77 & # 39; Great opportunity for Frosinone! Musacchio pierces the intervention completely and leaves Ciano the ball: flying throw-in, ball ejection, but big chance.

74 & # 39; Second change for the visitors: Valzania enters instead of Beghetto.

73 & # 39; Frosinone returns with a cross from Paganini: Abate heads towards Donnarumma, who intervenes.

71 Piatek was knocked out at the edge of the field by a rugby intervention, but continued for the referee. Polish protests laugh ironically.

69 & # 39; Frosinone is saved, Piatek's twin pack is denied! On a cross from Suso's kiss, Piatek jumps over everything and coordinates with his head: Ariaudo's air strike is perfect, the Pole has strangled his throat and he was already looking forward to the second goal of the day.

66 "MILAN GOAL! The Spaniard makes short passes, kicks and sends the ball perfectly under seven: a pool at the crossbar and only the bottom of the net. To see and see again, just a perfect rainbow.

65 & # 39; First change in Frosinone to anticipate Rossoneri's punishment: Trotta leaves for Dionisi.

65 & # 39; Kessié fishes to Çalhanoglu to sit Sammarco and test the strike: mowed moment of the shot, it will be free kick from the edge in the Suso area.

64 & # 39; Delicious flying hook from Fabio Borini sending Zampano and Brova to the bar to jump Goldaniga, which sweeps Frosinone in a lineout.

63 & # 39; Rodríguez & # 39; Cross, Piatek jumps higher than Ariaudo, but the referee whistles: Foul attack of the Polish bomber.

61 Now the devil is on the search for the second safety net

59 San Siro is now a pit on the Rossoneri side that is pushing the Milanese hard ,

57 & # 39; MILAN TARGET! Piatek! At Borini's flank, Piatek plunges like a hawk into a small, cold Bardi area on the way out. Pum-pum, Piatek's guns return to San Siro [194559003] 56 Susos flank, Borinis side, but Piatek is expected by Bardi, Milan, to be seen again.

55 & # 39; Ciano tries again from a distance, walls well Romagnoli. But Frosinone does not seem to have suffered the punishment of the wrong punishment, but continues to attack.

52 & # 39; Crazy goal by Borini wrong! On Susos flank Bardi flies to the butterflies and the ball lands on Borinis head: Incredibly, he does not find the goal from a short distance and sends it to the side.

51 & # 39; Change in Milan: out of Bakayoko, attack margin for Cutrone. All-in del Diavolo!

50 & DONNARUMMA PARA IL RIGORE! Ciano tries a low angle shot, Gigio stretches like Mister Fantastic and sends the corners in perfect style.

48 & # 39; Follia di Abate, who spreads in the area after a harmless defensive throw, a penalty for Frosinone and a warning to fullback Paganini.

45 Incredible, Borini devours the leadership of the advantage! In a long ball for Piatek the Ciociara defense makes a mess and leaves the ball in the opponent's zone, Borini crashes: The ball may only be pushed into the goal, but the number 11 shoots in the stands

45 & # 39; squad on the pitch, the second half begins for Milan-Frosinone.


whistle after the first 45 minutes of Milan-Frosinone in San Siro. Despite the new jersey, the Devil does not change the skin and plays a fraction of a slow race and subrhythm that is sporadically lit by some twists of Suso. Much more is needed to defeat a neat and compact Frosinone hiding in the defense and ready to counter with Trotta's outsides and shores. Rossoneri, who scored almost the double goal, but for random actions, without ever giving the impression of being really dangerous. So the champions are likely to fade away …

44 The guests are still setting the pace, while Devil goes down in the first-half finals.

41 & # 39; Back to get the ball under control Frosinone in the last minutes, ball between defense and midfield gialloblù.

39 & # 39; Still Suso forward: Two men jump on the wing and try the cross, inaccurate, land in the hands of Bardi.

37 & # 39; Frosinone danger! Kessié loses a bloody ball in his own area, Sammarco steps immediately without framing the mirror. Thrill for Milan.

36 & # 39; Çalhanoglu serves Suso, who first downloads for Piatek: The Pole tries to kick the gate anyway, even if he does harm. Ball on the ground

35 Good triangle in the area between Borini and Piatek: The Polish assistant to the former Liverpool is good, attentive and fearless Bardi low out.

33 The punishment of Çalhanoglu has not ended: full barrier and easy catch for Bardi.

32 & # 39; Another great French action! Bakayoko receives the ball in midfield, jumps on the first opponent and lunges in the direction of the field: For Milan a dangerous punishment.

30 & # 39; Bakayoko out a little! A scoop landing outside the penalty area is hit by Bakayoko in flight: A big blow from the Frenchman shaving the post, Bardi and Frosinone being excused by centimeters.

29 Musacchio's attack on the corner, another futile act

28 Suso's invention killing for Kessié at the door, a precautionary intervention by Ariaudo : another corner for Milan.

27 & # 39; own full-backs, in order to strive for further verticalizations.

25 Unsuitable execution of the corner: Rodríguez & # 39; s; Cross is completely wrong, Bardi accompanies him with his eyes down.

24 " ball with the foot, Kessié flees to the right lane and fetches another corner.

23 & # 39; Great opportunity for Milan! After the counterattack Suso moves his arms to the left and finds a perfect cross: Piatek is pushed into the penalty area and Borini does not find the winning goal one meter from the door!

21 & # 39; Frosinone always in possession of the ball, Diavolo che non manages to get out of his own half.

18 & # 39; The Frosinone is in front again. After 30 meters Maiello comes from the left: The ball is over to feed the fans of the Meazza.

17 & # 39; Milan's Occasionissima wasted on counterattacking! At Frosinone's action Bakayoko uproots the ball in Balzano and unloads it in Çalhanoglu: The Turk sees very Suso with a meadow to the door, but the long litter is all blown up.

15 & # 39; From the developments of the corner, Kessié tries to hit the fly from out of bounds: a ball going out in the stands.

15 " Abate's percussion ball and chain skipping two men and arriving bottom: corner earned.

13 & # 39; Paganini grabs the ball with the trocar to Romagnoli and shoots: Ball in South Bend.

10 & # 39; Great opportunity for Milan! Çalhanoglu flees into the lane and finds a perfect low shot in the middle of the field: Borini comes with a sure shot into the race, he tackles everything in Ariaudo. The Frosinone is saved, the devil one step away from the advantage.

9 & # 39; The numerical parity on the Meazza is restored, Milan-Frosinone can reboot.

8 & # 39; Game stopped in San Siro, enter the field of medical personnel play.

7 & # 39; Goldaniga's toughest entry into Çalhanoglu in midfield, the Turk remains grounded in pain.

6 & # 39; From the corner moves Musacchio stands between his feet inviting ball and try the blow: all useless offside position for the Argentine.

5 # Çalhanoglu meets Kessié, who tries the cross, first corner for the Rossoneri.

4 & # 39; Musacchio Frei Suso between the lines, the Spaniard reaches 25 meters and kicks: very weak shot, no problem for Bardi.

3 & # 39; Decisive departure of the guests who still have a good ball possession.

2 & # 39; Great cross from Zampano to Trotta: The former Crotone hooks the ball and tries the shot, Romagnoli walls. [19659003] 1 & # 39; Suso instantly misses a horizontal passage, facilitating the counterattack on Frosinone: Very good to stop everything.

1 & # 39; Start Milan-Frosinone! Rossoneri's first ball

– Teams in the field: Milan with the great new jersey of the 19-20 season, Frosinone with a yellow jersey and blue and white details.

Friends of MilanNews.it Good evening and welcome! The greetings come from a San Siro, where more than 60,000 spectators welcome the Rossoneri's last home game for Milan-Frosinone. An apparently simple game in which the Ciociari has already relegated and the devil plays against all champions. He hopes to see the outcome of Juventus-Atalanta, a strangely suspended game and not simultaneously. The last game of Abate at San Siro, the future of Gattuso in balance and many players looking for a confirmation for the next season are the many themes of Milan-Frosinone. Do not miss anything, not even a single action: all live, all about MilanNews.it !


MILAN (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Abate, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Rodríguez; Kessié, Bakayoko, Çalhanoglu; Suso, Piatek, Borini.
A avail. : Reina, A. Donnarumma, José Mauri, Castillejo, Conti, Zapata, Biglia, Cutrone, Laxalt.
All . Gattuso

FROSINONE (3-5-2): Bardi; Goldaniga, Ariaudo, Brighenti; Zampano, Paganini, Maiello, Sammarco, Beghetto; Trotta, Ciano.
An edition : Iacobucci, Ghiglione, Molinaro, Simic, Ciofani, Errico, Valzania, Dionisi, Cassata, Capuano, Kranjc, Pinamonti.
All . Baroni

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