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LIVE TMW – Cagliari, Di Francesco: “Against Sassuolo we have to be organized and motivated”


Cagliari trainer Eusebio Di Francesco will shortly speak at a (virtual) press conference in the press room of the Asseminello Sports Center to answer questions from reporters connected via streaming. The start is scheduled for 1:15 p.m.

13.15 – The press conference begins.

Special debut for two reasons: it is played in his sassuolo, then in front of the public.
“I can only be happy to challenge Sassuolo because I left my heart there. Now we are opponents, for these 90 minutes I will be their enemy because we want to do very well. The 1

,000 spectators are so few, but they are doing it better.” Spectacle of the stadium: I hope to see you in the Sardegna Arena too “.

Do you have any training doubts? When is Sottil? Can you already be the owner?
“Certainly the two full-backs arrived recently: They are two very important perspectives for the future, but also for the immediate future. It’s up to them to show that they are ready. As for 4-3-3, so we’ve seen players adapted, but it’s true that we’re trying to fix everything. Sottil is healthy again, I have some training doubts but the night will bring advice. ”

When is the work compared with the expectations of the “good game”? What is the distance between the two teams without cups?
“The most important thing is that they have a full squad. We have to put a lot of emphasis on organization and motivation, even if they have characteristics that they also have. We have to limit their dribbling, of course. For the rest I see great desire and will to do it becomes a.” nice test to assess the current moment “.

Will Simeone and Pavoletti be able to play together or are they meant for the season?
“At the moment he plays either one or the other. Who knows when the game will be over? I’m very happy with Leo because he works with great determination, even if he’s a little behind in preparation while Giovanni is ready. Me wants to give too many advantages to others, but let’s remember that the 5 changes are very important right now. ”

Nandez and Joao Pedro: where will we see them on the pitch? What is still missing in this Cagliari?
“With Godin, the club gives me serenity. You know we are at stake as we are looking into the desire to bring Nainggolan back as well. Then we will also look into the possibility of adding some other young players. Nandez and Joao Pedro? We are waiting more additions, but I believe the moment has to give solidity to the team so that Nahitan can play both as a midfielder and a strong winger. I don’t want to include him in a role on Joao, I want him to free himself from certain movements and can move more individually. I am convinced that he can do very well in this role. ”

What can Godin Cagliari give? Then an opinion on Carboni and Walukiewicz.
“Godin is a leader, he is a defender on the inside: he is bad, he has positive qualities that his teammates can grow. We are looking for a player with these qualities, we also have Klavan who has international experience. Walukiewicz is 20 Years old and has plenty of room for growth, he’s an important player for us “.

Could the babies be Delpupo and Masala given the lack of outdoor space in Sassuolo?
“Masala is a 2004 man, he did very well in the friendly against Olbia but I preferred to bring those who worked with us. I didn’t bring the Primavera team, I think they should throw in at the right time to give them continuity: many times I’ve seen young people being thrown into the First Team and turned into meteors, creating false illusions even for their families, and that’s not good. They have to be put right in: They are good and prospective, but at the moment they are not ready for it. ”

How is Berardi branded?
“Mimmo is annoying, he’ll be uncomfortable for 95 minutes. But in the end I’ll hug him: it’s no secret that he tried to get him to the Roma.”

13.40 – The press conference ends.

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