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Local elections, the count in Tuscany: Arezzo, Viareggio, Cascina, the duels

Scrutinio (Photo Attalmi)
Scrutinio (Photo Attalmi)

Florence, September 22nd 2020 – The count of the Local elections. Follow it live, we will update this article with the results in real time.


It is the only Tuscan capital that votes. Alessandro Ghinelli, outgoing mayor of the center, seems to win in the first round (CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES). The projections give it, albeit slightly, over 50%. In second place Luciano Ralli, center left, with a gap between 33 and 37%.


The municipality in the province Pisa it’s important on a political level because of what he served as mayor Susanna Ceccardi, Candidate defeat the center-right in the regional just completed and won by Giani. Center-left candidate Michelangelo Betti is ahead after a few sections examined. Right under Leonardo Cosentini, the center-right candidate. (CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES). The election hypothesis seems concrete.


In Viareggio, the ballot papers are slow. At the moment, Giorgio Del Ghingaro, outgoing mayor of the center-left, appears to be over 50% after examining the first sections. Second Barbara Paci, center right (CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES)

Summary of all municipalities involved in the vote


  • Arezzo
  • Coreglia Antelminelli (Lucca) elected mayor Marco Remaschi with 48.32%, Giorgio Franco daniele stops at 46.57% and Giovanna Marsili at 5.12%
  • Sillano Giuncugnano (Lucca)
  • Viareggio (Lucca)
  • Villafranca in the Lunigiana (Massa Carrara) elected mayor Abraham Filippo Bellesi with 70.71% of the preferences. The challenger Fabrizio Mazzoni stands at 29.29%
  • Farmhouse (Pisa)
  • Orciano Pisano (Pisa)
  • Uzzano (Pistoia) elected mayor Dino Cordio with 66.68%. The challenger Alessandro Ricciarelli stands at 33.32%
  • Follonica (Grosseto) – ballot only


  • Scheggino (Perugia)
  • Valfabbrica (Perugia) elected mayor Enrico Bacoccoli with 56.97%. The challenger Marco Nazzareni stood at 43%
  • Attigliano (Terni)
  • Calvi (Terni) elected mayor Guido Grillini With the list “Calvi Tradition and Innovation” 77.88% were achieved. The challenger Alfonso Nesta stays at 22.12%
  • Ferentillo (Terni)
  • Jupiter (Terni)

Spice up

  • Lerici elected Leonardo Paoletti at 66.18%, while Roberto Vara stops at 27.38% and Giovanni Agnellini at 6.45%.
  • Levanto elected Luca del Bello With 48.07% of the preferences, Luigi Gino Lapucci stops at 34.16%, while Stefano Delbene is at 17.77%.

Track the count in real time

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