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Lotti case, Pd Zingaretti are all dissatisfied. Renziani: "Old Justice". But Paw: "Do not look or die"

On the one hand the Renzians attacking "new Pd of Zingaretti " because he returns "to old and unbearable justice", on the other hand the Prodiana Sandra Zampa which asks the secretary " watch "and" take measures to prevent the death of the party ". In the middle the MEP and ex-PM Franco Roberti who attacks "the deterioration of the justice" and speaks clearly of "my rule of law". The Democratic Party remains at the mercy of the CSM scandal involving former minister and deputy Pd Luca Lotti . His self-suspension was insufficient to ease the tension: the deputy resigned and attacked the comrades "Moralists Without Morality" and "Envious" and while his people massively defended him, there was no voice firm came from the leadership , Aside from embarrassment, Zingaretti and his family do not take concrete action and prefer to spend more time. The only gesture was the appointment of the new secretariat, from which virtually all the Renzians had disappeared.

The Renzians of the territories of Roberto Giachetti and Anna Ascani gathered today in Assisi to meet the current" Semper Avanti ":" There is talk of new Pd, Zingaretti Explains how it works: I see so much nostalgia for the past, a look back, the & # 39; joyful war machines & # 39 ;, back to bipolarism … I see no news, just an old, unbearable judiciary "said Deputy Pd Luciano Nobili. He then reiterated his "solidarity with Luca Lotti," "the subject of shameful words and behavior by party members." The only new thing about the Democratic Party is a minority that does not kindle a friendly fire over who won the Congress, as in the past But our loyalty has a limit called patience Some members of the majority of Pd said during the election campaign "we should agree with the M5" while focusing on the election campaign The only enlargement of "Piazza Grande" and "Campo Largo" were D & # 39; Alema and Bersani From now on, we will be loyal, but relentless. "

Senator Pd and former governor of Abruzzo was also thrown against the leadership Luciano D & # 39; Alfonso: "The self-suspension of Luca Lotti shows his respect in the against the Democrats' wives and men, but at the same time shows the inadequacy of how the party's current leadership handles this matter: the feeling is that of vertices suspended in relation to reality or the intelligence of reality. We are facing a tremendous attempt to remove the distortions that have weakened the institutional life of the judiciary's self-government on the innovative forces of our Party for decades .

But there's not only the Renzians complaining about Zingaretti. Prodiana's Deputy Sandra Zampa asked the secretary to comment in a long speech published in the Huffington Post. "The affair," wrote the MP, "which hits the CSM with grave consequences and questions two important Democratic Party representatives, Luca Lotti former Secretary of State and former Minister and Cosimo Ferri former Undersecretary of Justice, has been giving much thought to both MPs, not only because of the party's impact on consensus and image, but also on the political culture that implicitly expresses this story and the word "ethics" of the past seems to have entrusted and preferred the word "power", as well as to this section of the ruling class, who, even yesterday, before Lotti's self-suspension, was profoundly thanked and praised as if it were an act of magnanimity ". According to Zampa, "what results from the wiretaps is serious and these data can not be minimized by violating official secrecy in connection with the publication of the same." But most of all, the parliamentarian writes, is "serious" about the use of the word hypocrisy used by Lotti himself and those in the Democratic Party who felt compelled to justify their behavior. Because it reveals the change of a political culture in the PD. It is amazing to argue that it is normal to "trigger" appointments in public prosecutor's offices to take advantage of the justice system or delegitimize other judges. The distance that separates this idea of ​​"political power" from the idea of ​​founding the Democratic Party is measured only by reading the first lines of the second article of the Code of Ethics . The article to which he refers describes the "autonomy" of the politicians of all other powers. And then he also cites the constitution and the separation of powers that the PD representatives want to respect.

Zampa concludes by referring to a change by the secretary: " Nicola Zingaretti will have to compete with it: Until now, he has practiced the only possible way: to reconcile the souls of the PD with a party He was doing it by tiptoeing. But now we can not continue like this . We need to take action and measure ourselves against them Those who believe that ethics is a waste of time in politics, are behaving and are fine, we have to go fast and determined, the field is undermined and it is dangerous to cross it, but if you do not, it will They are dying under the blows of the pressing opponents Peacebuilding (for another army) in the Democratic Party is not enough The real pacification must be with the voters, with their own History and with their own values ​​take place. "

The only provision of these hours was the appointment of the new Secretariat, from which virtually all the Renzians have disappeared Coordinator will be Andrea Martella the Deputy Secretaries Andrea Orlando (Vicar) and Paola De Micheli, Marco Miccoli will be the head of the secretary's political secretariat Nicola Zingaretti has appointed the new Secretariat of the PD: Andrea Martella, Deputy Secretaries Andrea Orlando (Vicar) and Paola De Micheli will be co-ordinated, Marco Miccoli will be the Head of the Secretary's Secretariat. The other positions go to Enzo Amendola (Foreign and International Cooperation), Chiara Braga (Agenda 2030 / Sustainability), Pietro Bussolati (Business and Professions), Andrea Giorgis (Institutional Reforms), Maria Luisa Gnecchi (Welfare), Roberto Morassut (Infrastructure) City and suburb), Nicola Oddati (Southern Italy), Roberta Pinotti (Security Policy), Giuseppe Provenzano (Labor Policy), Marina Sereni (Local Authorities / Autonomies), Camilla Sgambato (School), Stefano Vaccari (Organization), Antonella Vincenti (Public Administration), Rita Visini (Third Sector / Associations). Participation in the Secretariat by function: Paolo Gentiloni, President of the Democratic Party; Gianni Cuperlo, National Foundation, as well as Orlando and De Micheli. In addition, the leader of the Democratic Party, who is elected by the National Women's Conference; the leaders of the Chamber and the Senate, Graziano Delrio and Andrea Marcucci; the treasurer Luigi Zanda; the representative of the young democrats. The Department of Economy and Development headed by Antonio Misiani is founded. In the coming days, the tasks of the new department heads will be transferred.

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