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MADONNA MEDJUGORJE, MESSAGE AUGUST 25 / "A hundredfold good for your efforts"

The long awaited message was finally published on August 25, 2019 after the appearance of the Queen of Peace to the visionary Marija Pavlovic: Effort, pain, but also "a hundred fold down here" given by the Son for all humanity. This is what the Madonna of Medjugorje remembers in every message, but she is affirmed with the power of docility also in those important words that the visionary at the behest of Our Lady makes available: here she is translated into Italian and read-ready and "guarded" as added value for a beginning week " Dear children! Pray, work and display the kingdom of heaven with love, so that you feel well here on earth. Children, God will bless your efforts hundredfold, and you will be witnesses among the peoples, the souls of the unbelievers will feel the grace of conversion, and Heaven will be grateful for your efforts and your sacrifices. Children, testify with the rosary in your hand that you are mine and choose the holiness. Thank you for responding to my call ».


Like every 25th of the month, pilgrims and believers from all over the world are waiting for the message of Our Lady of Medjugorje, spread by the visionary Marija Pavlovic [1

9459004offenbartwurde] then in the missionary intent of witnessing and the constant call to conversion to Jesus in all parts of the world. A month ago GOSPA entrusted a brief but decisive "message" in which she emphasized the message of the certainty of Christ's victory not only over death but over the evil that dwells in the world: " Dear children! My call for you is prayer. Prayer is joy for you and a crown that binds you to God. Children, the trials will come and you will not be strong and sin will reign, but if you belong to me you will win because your refuge will be the heart of my son Jesus. Return to prayer for prayer to come alive for you day and night. Thank you for responding to my call ». As the portal "Medjugorje.ws" reports, which dedicates a quotation from an earlier message of the Queen of Peace every day, this "absolute evil", for the liberation of which Jesus came, can be defeated in everyday life by following and following to entrust oneself to the society chosen by the Father for each one of us « I wish that each of God's plan will realize that everything God has given you in the heart is growing. Pray that God's blessing will protect each of you from all the evil that threatens you .


In a long text that was published in French Catholic newspapers, but speaks of the holy places of Medjugorje Sister Emmanuel of the Community of Beatitudes, for a long time committed to the testimony and the closeness to the visionaries of the Bosnian Apparition Shrine. "" My dear children, the trials will come! "The Queen of the Prophets has never been so clear as today, and this is no coincidence. The last thing to do would be to ignore their very serious warning "says the nun from Medjugorje." For 38 years, you have been showing us the way of peace and the road to prosperity. Despite his appeals to the risks we take when we do not listen to them, their children's reaction is too weak. Now she is forced to warn us that the times that are approaching at great speed become very difficult. As if the world had not already experienced severe trials! Kyrie Eleison! ». However, the constant message of Prayer and Conversion does not warn against the end of the world, as the Madonna of Medjugorje herself always speaks of "new generations" and preparations "for the new time": again Sister Emmanuel, " We find that a mother, when preparing her child for something, does not prepare for a distant event that she will not know, on the contrary, it prepares him for what will happen in his life In other words … you and I will no doubt see this New Age! Every triumph is preceded by a conflict or a battle, for it does not triumph, one does not win when there is peace! ».


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