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Medicine, the first course for 60 students begins in Taranto

From the next academic year 2019/2020 Taranto will organize a university course in medicine, which will accommodate 60 students in the first year of study. According to the announcements of the last months, this is the first concrete act resulting from an agreement between the Apulia region, the university and the medical faculty.

The Region announces this by communicating and undertaking to provide the necessary resources for the recruitment of n. 5 University researchers and, in agreement with the University of Bari, the procedures for the clinical management of hospital beds at P.O. SS. Annunziata, in the case which is inextricably linked to those of teaching and research for carrying out the auxiliary activities. "

" The initiative ̵

1; explain the rector of the University of Bari, Antonio Felice Uricchio and the president of the Faculty of Medicine of the same Athenaeum, Loreto Gesualdo, protagonist together with the President Michele Emiliano this historical result for Puglia – will make it possible Aiming to realize not only education at the level of excellence of young people, but also a precise commitment to cultural growth and, consequently, socioeconomic area, convinced that the withdrawal of the province of Taranto is carried out by this important program, in synergy with was designed for local institutions and the academic world ".

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