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Money, Women, Health (and the Spreading Virus), Is Boris Johnson Depressed?

From our correspondent
– Boris Johnson cooked now? There are many who have thought this for a while: but it was yesterdayTimes that lined up the reasons in a long and detailed reconstruction. Actually nothing particularly new: these are all things that have been around for a while. But it is still impressive to see her in such a row in a center-right newspaper that overwhelms the Prime Minister, underpays and defines her face with sadness..

Also because as Guardian, now the conservative press to shoot zero at a prime minister of whom theoretically should be a supporter. This week’s cover of spectator, the magazine of which Johnson has long been the editor: Where is boris Where is boris asks for the title that towers over the drawing of a stormy sea in which you can see a drifting boat manned by a blonde foreman. It is the description of a Prime Minister who has lost his way and is exposed to events: but apparently the reasons are more than political, very personal.

First there is the question of money. A worry that haunts him all the time: Johnson may have become head of government, but that cost him more than half his income. Previously, he had a contract for 300,000 euros per year on which he could write comments Daily telegraphwhat increased the salary as a parliamentarian and the speeches made here and there brought his income slightly over 400 thousand euros. Now he has to get by on the £ 150,000 of his Prime Minister’s salary: They are not crumbs, but poor Boris has a lot of costs. The divorce from his wife Marina was very expensive and he also had to support the numerous children he had scattered (six officials and who knows how many unofficially). The Downing Street tenant is not as privileged as the one in the White House or the Elysée: the tax officer taxes his serviced apartment because he sees it as an advantage, and also has to pay for meals out of his own pocket from the kitchen downstairs. A miserable life, so much so that Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie only have a cleaning lady and couldn’t even hire a babysitter for little Wilfred, their son, who was born this year.

Then there is health. Those who recently met Boris say he is not doing well: he would never have fully recovered from Covid, which resulted in him ending up in the hospital intensive care unit in April. The speakers deny, indicating he was dieting and exercising, but in reality The prime minister alternates days of clarity and activism with others where he seems confused and forgets the things they say to him: and even his appearances in parliament seem muted, with Labor often pulling him on the ropes in debates.

Finally the girlfriend. Not appearing misogynist, but Carrie has a good temper: And for a 56-year-old man, having a relationship with a 32-year-old is no walk in the park. Especially since he had a completely different relationship with his ex-wife Marina: She, an impressive woman of extraordinary intelligence, was his moral and material anchor who organized his life and kept him (more or less) on track. It’s different with Carrie (and there’s also the five-month-old baby).

In short, Boris is in pain. He wanted to lead the country on the bright paths of Brexit and is overwhelmed by the worst crisis since World War II: it is said that he feels overwhelmed by the weight of the role he has played all his life. The problem, this time political, is that they in the Conservative Party are becoming increasingly aware that Boris is not turning out to be the mission entrusted to him: and that a party that is used to regicides is from Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May. It is because he’s the first to throw in the towel.

September 19, 2020 (change September 19, 2020 | 10:57 p.m.)


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