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MotoGP | GP Austria 2020, PL3: Viñales flies, Rossi from Q2 – Live

[MotoGP] – Good morning dear readers of FormulaPassion.it and welcome back with the appointment dedicated to the direct text of the third free practice lesson from Austrian Grand Prix 2020, fourth stage of the MotoGP World Championship. The rain that fell on Spielberg yesterday afternoon will make this session even more crucial. The big names are immediately called to a perfect round to avoid the passage from the first quarter.

The session ended, experience it with our up-to-the-minute messages

11:00 – Our chronicle ends here. Appointment at 1.30 p.m. for the live broadcast of PL4, which anticipates the qualification of the Austrian Grand Prix. See you later!


0:58 – Here are the results of PL3 of the MotoGP Austrian Grand Prix

GP Austria 2020, PL3 results

10:45 – This is the combination with that for the qualified Q2: Pol Espargaró, Dovizioso, Viñales, Miller, Nakagami, Rins, Oliveira, Mir, Morbidelli and Quartararo. Rossi, Petrucci, Binder and Crutchlow therefore have to pass from the first quarter. Here a Viñales without petrol is “accompanied” by Miller and Lecuona. Good PL3 for Yamaha’s Spaniard, who therefore shows his desire to recover after the catastrophic Brno Grand Prix

10:42 – – Chess flag! After PL3’s MotoGP session, Pol Espargaró is still commanding in the combined

10:39 – Rossi doesn’t seem to make it to the second quarter with Espargaró still leading the combined race

10:35 – Last five minutes of fire! In combined driving Pol Espargaró (1: 24.193) while Maverick Viñales temporarily makes it into the top 10 by ousting Quartararo from the second quarter! P3 for the Spanish Yamaha. His 1: 24.317 is the best time in RP3, the third overall.

10:33 – Dovizioso is hammering! 1: 25.479Ducati confirms its competitiveness on this route. The time to get into the top 10 is 1: 24.753 as recorded by Quartararo, tenth in PL1

10:30 – All the big names are getting better. At the moment the top 3 are made up of Dovizioso, Lecuona and Petrucci, but Rossi and Viñales are also in the top 10 (in terms of PL3).

10:28 – Dovizioso raises the bar again! 1: 27.380 with double soft drying

10:27 – Yet Marquez, 1: 28,576. The track is improving step by step, we are getting closer and closer to the times of PL1

10:25 – Alex Marquez climbs to first place with Double Slick! 1: 30: 038, a symptom that the track is practically dry

10:24 – Bradley Smith is improving and is in P5. Zarco improves with 1: 30.911

10:22 – You come out Ducati! Zarco in your head 1: 31.029, only six thousandths better than Andrea Dovizioso. Both were driving in the rain again, but will soon be driving slicks

10:20 – The Austrian sky is opening up more and more: everything to see if we can experience some time attacks in the final

10:18 – Bradley Blacksmith When you hit the track on the Double Slick it will be interesting to follow your time to understand the real conditions of the track

10:17 – Valentino Rossi struggles with a drying track under these ambiguous conditions: The doctor is actually only penultimate (1: 34.941)

10:14 – The still wet track clearly puts those who are not currently in the great ten at a disadvantage. And there are big names like Rossi, Viñales and Binder, in addition to the Ducatista Danilo Petrucci

10:10 – At the moment it is not yet possible for drivers to improve the results of PL1. Half an hour before the end Top 10 Those who will access Q2 will be made up of Pol Espargaró, Dovizioso, Nakagami, Rins, Morbidelli, Zarco, Oliveira, Miller, Mir and Quartararo

10:08 – Yamaha’s Spaniard is overtaken by Miguel’s KTM Oliveira, who turned around 1: 32.460

10:05 – loner ring Viñales! 1: 32.614 and first place for the Spaniard with the wet soft double, but we are obviously still a long way from dry times

10:02 – The best time so far is Alex’s Rinses, 1: 32.901

10:00 – The championship leader Fabio Quartararo has also opted for rain

09:57 – Everyone indoors from the first moment, the vast majority of drivers use the tires from wet. You made another choice (dry double medium) KTM by Espargaró, Oliveira and Binder

09:55 – – GREEN LIGHT! The MotoGP PL3 has started

09:54 – The sun comes out more and more on Spielberg! However, drivers seem to have to run out with the rain while waiting for the track to dry out for good

09:52 – The pilots are in the pits and decide whether to start with slick or rain

09:42 – Finished PL3 of Moto3 which obviously couldn’t improve the times in the combination

09:35 – The Austrian route has wet and other dry sections: The trajectory is drying out more and more. And it’s not raining, which is good news for MotoGP riders

09:20 – Rain could ruin the plans of several big names caught in the first few free exercises outside the top 10

09:15 – We start our report with the results of the first two free training sessions

GP Austria 2020, PL2 results

GP Austria 2020, PL1 results

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