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Mourning for Alba Parietti, but the funeral live video leaves you speechless

Mourning for Alba Parietti, but the funeral live video leaves you speechless. The showgirl has an explanation, but not everyone is convinced.

Alba Parietti

There has been a lot of discussion about what happened recently in Alba Parietti. The presenter, actress and showgirl suffered from grief in which she and many other people on the show were involved.

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In fact, Enzo “Pizza” died, a friend of Parietti for years. She wanted to remember him with the following words: “Hello Enzo, today we 80s boys greeted you. Affection and sadness move. Thank you for the energy you gave us. We were children full of dreams with no lira in our pockets, but we were always happy, happy friends, always together. Every night with Lucio in front of and in the plastic or by Enzo called Pizza, who doesn’t laugh at anything until 5 in the morning. Yesterday we were in tears and a sweet and melancholy smile full of emotions. We were all over 40 years old, but we felt like we were for a moment. “

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The video of the discord published by Alba Parietti

In addition to the news, Alba Parietti also wanted to publish a few excerpts of his friend Enzo’s funeral. A gesture that confused many users and followers who thought it was not very delicate to broadcast a funeral service live.

However, the moderator promptly explained her gesture: “I am going to publish this video publicly so that all friends who encourage Covid and Distance to participate could not participate from Italy and loved Enzo. Enzo was not a character, he was a person we loved so much. Many thanks to daughter Shanna who gathered us to greet him and greet us with affection and tears of emotion. ”

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