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Murchi Sacchi, Luca wrote to Anastasya: “I love sticking to the plans”




Murch Sacchi, Luca wrote to Anastasya: I loved you if you followed the plans

Anastasiya Kylemnyk, friend of Luca Sacchi (frame)

8/05/2020 20:58

“I love news? He loved sticking to the plans“This is what Luca Sacchi wrote to his girlfriend Anastasiya Klymenyk on October 18 in a message cited by a Information from the Carabinieri and filed by the prosecutor as part of the trial for the murder of the young man, who was shot and killed on the night of October 23-24 in the head of a pub in the Colli Albani area

On the message we read in the information, the girl replies: “See you later.” Sacchi then sends other SMS: “I hope you do what you told me otherwise I won’t if I find out you did damn things without me …”.

Carabinieri information always shows that 5 days before the murder Luca had been to Anastasiya in Casal Monastero, the neighborhood where Valerio Del Grosso and Paolo Pirino live, and is now on trial for murdering the young man.

From the analysis of the telephone traffic, it was found that both Sacchi’s telephone and that of the girl between October 15 and October 16 on October 18 put the repeater bridges installed in Via Acuto and Via Saccomuro in the Casal Monastero area into operation. From the same analysis, it was found that Del Grosso and Pirino users also connected the cell via Acuto at the same time on the same day to demonstrate – read the information – that The meeting between the two groups probably took place“.

And on October 18, as is clear from the information, Luca Sacchi’s phone was made on map searches related to the road route to get from Appio Latino to Casal Monastero. Just before searching for the route, Sacchi’s smartphone also included an audio message that was recorded on WhatsApp and sent by ex-classmate Giovanni Princi: “Oh for Furio I got on the Type 2 subway and was mad at the wheels, sderepando “and Luca replies” Incredible but true “.

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