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New Puma ST, the first Ford Performance crossover

Puma ST has been enriched with the most advanced sports technologies, including a limited slip differential (LSD), Ford patented force balance springs, drive modes including sport mode.

For the first time Eco mode was also introduced on a Ford Performance vehicle to give drivers a choice from a variety of driving scenarios. Together, these innovations deliver the thrilling driving experience that Ford Performance models are known for all over Europe, while maintaining the comfort and flexibility of the Ford Crossover.

Puma ST is powered by one 1.5 EcoBoost motor Can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds and release 200 hp. The performance has been improved, as has the bold design, complemented by innovative features such as the technology for connected vehicles with local hazard information and the Ford MegaBox, a versatile cargo space that offers an additional 80 liters of space. for everyday use.

Stefan Muenzinger, Ford Performance Manager at Ford of Europe, said: “Real driving enthusiasts will not settle for being less excited just because everyday life demands a more sensible car. That was our number one priority Puma ST should be heady and gritty like any ST model, without compromising any aspect of the practicality of Puma. We believe we have the best handling crossover in the world. It is fully connected and gives the ST driving experience. It is a real pleasure to ride. “

new ford puma ST

Source: Ford Press Office

First introduced in the award-winning Fiesta ST, the sophisticated 200 hp 1.5 EcoBoost petrol engine features advanced turbocharger and high pressure injection technologies to deliver sports car performance with optimized fuel efficiency. Plus a special air intake and free flowing exhaust system to get that maximum performanceThe Puma ST also has new engine mounts that limit swaying and minimize unwanted movements.

The car has a 0-100 km / h sprint of 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 220 km / h. The style of Puma, which was already very sporty, naturally lent itself to the design of the Puma ST and made the combination of form and function even more extreme.

The Puma ST offers six exterior colors, including Agate Black, Desert Island Blue, Fantastic Red, Frozen White, Magnetic and Bold as well as the exclusive Mean Green. In addition, a glossy black finish for the roof, the edges of the front grille, the mirror caps and the rear spoiler are standard even easier to identify.

InsideThe heated and padded Recaro sports seats, which are embossed with the ST logo and provided with non-slip Miko Dinamica material, keep the driver and front passenger firmly in place. There is also a Ford Performance underride guard, a leather steering wheel with a flat bottom and an ST gear knob. “Our new Puma ST is practical and eye-catching, with compact crossover proportions, but capable of delivering limousine thrills,” concluded Münzinger.

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