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Open Arms, Mayor of Lampedusa at Tgcom24: "Just talking about NGOs"

"A Lampedusa land migrants every day, but newspapers and politicians intervene only when Ong " comes into play. "With these words the mayor of Lampedusa, Salvatore Martello Tgcom24 commented on the situation of the open arms ." Nobody really addresses the migration problem in Italy, "Martello continues," Will Toninelli Transfer people on board to Spain? These are only statements from an election campaign. "

The migrants drowned in the sea was salvaged. – At night a man dropped from the ship at anchor in front of the harbor into the sea to try to cross the coast The rescue was provided by soldiers from the Coast Guard patrol boat, and a similar incident occurred on Sunday when five NGO activists set off to be fished by them.

Other refugees leap into the water Water Swimming and a patrol boat of the Coast Guard try to regain it.

Madrid: "The solution in Spain in the next few hours" ̵

1; The Madrid government's open arms solution is expected soon Intervention "in the next few hours," said Spanish Defense Secretary Margarita Robles of the newspaper La Vanguardia said Robles pointed out that it was a "humanitarian Emergency situation "and that Spain" will not look the other way as Minister Matteo Salvini ". The Minister also invited the European Commission to address the issue at the next meeting of the European Council of Interior Ministers.

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