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Palermo kills the ex-wife with a box cutter and injures her son: arrested

A 41-year-old man, Marco Ricci, killed taglierino his ex-wife Anna Maria Scavo, a 36-year-old saleswoman in a shoe store in Carini (Palermo). The 41-year-old also injured his 14-year-old son. The fire department managed to open the door of the room where the attacker had barricaded, and the carabinieri blocked him. The couple had separated but the man had not resigned himself at the end of the relationship.

The victim was in the shoe store where he worked as a salesman when she was hit in the throat with a cutter. Anna Maria Scavo had turned to the Carabinieri several times to denounce the attacks on humans.

However, the murder has many unclear aspects. Starting with the dynamics that the Carabinieri try to rebuild. The teenager, who would have been in business practice with his parents, was heard by the investigators. He would tell the military that his father would react to defend him from the ex-wife's attack. A kind of legitimate defense, but the Carabinieri try to check. The boy and his father are in the hospital in Palermo: both have slight puncture wounds.

Husband and wife were separated for about a year, and their son lived with the man in Capaci. The reasons for the arguments and tensions between husband and wife are also at the center of the investigation. 2,});};
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