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Pd: Zingaretti appoints the new secretariat – Politics

Nicola Zingaretti has appointed the new Secretary of the Pd : Coordinator will be Andrea Martella, the Deputy Secretaries Andrea Orlando (Vicar) and Paola De Micheli; Marco Miccoli will be the head of the secretary's political secretariat.

The other positions go to Enzo Amendola (Foreign and International Cooperation), Chiara Braga (Agenda 2030 / Sustainability), Pietro Bussolati (Business and Professions), Andrea Giorgis (Institutional Reforms). ), Maria Luisa Gnecchi (Welfare), Roberto Morassut (Infrastructures Urban Areas and Suburbs), Nicola Oddati (Southern Italy), Roberta Pinotti (Security Policy), Giuseppe Provenzano (Labor Policy), Marina Sereni (Municipalities / Autonomies), Camilla Sgambato (School), Stefano Vaccari (organization), Antonella Vincenti (public administration), Rita Visini (third sector / associations). Participation in the Secretariat by function: Paolo Gentiloni, President of the Democratic Party; Gianni Cuperlo, National Foundation, as well as Orlando and De Micheli. In addition, the leader of the Democratic Party, who is elected by the National Women's Conference; the leaders of the Chamber and the Senate, Graziano Delrio and Andrea Marcucci; the treasurer Luigi Zanda; Representative of the Young Democrats

The Ministry of Economy and Development headed by Antonio Misiani is founded. In the coming days, the tasks of the new department heads will be transferred. The establishment of "open forums" for the participation of personalities and representatives of the world of associations, voluntary work, companies, trade unionists and administrators, occupations, also begins. Coordinator: Marco Furfaro. The first three forums are led and coordinated by Giorgio Gori (Forum Center Administrator). Alessandra Bailo Modesti (Forum for Environmental Sustainability and Development); Elisabetta Nigris (Knowledge Forum). Luigi Telesca has been appointed head of the press office of the Democratic Party.

"The Democratic Party secretariat announced by Zingaretti is not similar to the US party .I see a single matrix of identity in a party born to drive reform, a choice I disagree with ": on Twitter the chairman of the senators Pd Andrea Marcucci. [1