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Prime Minister Conte: “A nonsense I lied to prosecutors about Alzano and Nembro. I will vote yes in a referendum to cut parliamentarians.” And from the bridge over the street he says: “Think of an underwater structure”

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The protocol of the Scientific-Technical Committee “never separated”, the vaccine against Covid, which in his opinion “must not be” compulsory“And then the answer to those who accuse him of lying to Bergamo prosecutors about the lack of red areas in Val Seriana:” It is one sounds nonsense“. Asked a Ceglie Messapica, in the province of Brindisi, by the director of Affaritaliani.it, the release Giuseppe Conte intervenes in all the controversies that have overwhelmed him in recent weeks. On the basis of these documents the scientist ̵

1; recalled overall dcpm issued during the emergency – at the center of a dispute with Einaudi Foundation and released on August 6th.

On this subject, the Prime Minister said: “Inaccurate things have been written and said. Let’s clear things up: you imagine what it meant for scientist Prepare proposals, analyze data, and be in the spotlight on television. You wouldn’t have any rest. If there is such a delicate decision making process, I claim this is verbal stay confidential. But it means unclassified, I’ve never placed one before State secret“. Then the announcement:” I will be the first to allow this publication we don’t have anything nothing to hide“.

During the interview with the journalist Angelo Maria PerrinoConte then intervenes on one of the government’s hottest dossiers, which exploded again immediately after the protocol was released: failure red zone in Nembro and Alzano Lombardo. “I’m in the facts. To us on March 5th ( ed) it already seemed that the Contagion curve ran out of hand. At that time, Minister Speranza asked for reasons for a measure only for these two municipalities. An opinion was born late on the 5th evening. At night I hope we meet and We arrange everything for the red belt on Alzano and Nembro ”. But the next day he changes his mind. “The next morning, in civil defense, I hurry to talk vis a vis with the experts and then I propose this more radical solution: why only in Alzano and Nembro? Perhaps we should have thought of a more radical measure, they agree to this proposal and on the 7th they give us one verbal Who makes this choice? On the night of the 7th I issue a dpcm for a red zone as a whole Lombardyand I don’t think I wasted time ”. A reconstruction with which the Prime Minister sends the sender the allegations of who – how Matteo Salvini – argues that scientists would have preferred to close only the two countries from Bergamo, and not the whole country.

Conte then intervenes in the controversies, all of which are within the majority, to establish one Commission of Inquiry into Covid. It is about one “privilegeOf the chambers, he explains. And to Renziani If you want to start it right away, the Prime Minister replied: “Usually you are ready when it ends the emergency. The point is to anticipate the judgment on history, it will be decided by Parliament. “For its part, the government continues to work to restore the country. The role of vaccinewhich, according to Conte, “shouldn’t be compulsoryThe hope is that it will be ready for all EU countries “within the year” if the “optimistic forecasts” are confirmed.

From Ceglie Messapica, the Prime Minister will also take the opportunity to comment on one of the issues that have sparked the political debate in recent days. “I will vote for it in the referendum Cut from parliamentarians“He explains and receives the applause from the square. Advice with which the new one is directly connected Suffrage that the Democratic Party wants to vote in at least one of the two houses of parliament by September. On this Conte hopes that the “dialogue” between the majority forces for a “proportional to the representation“Can continue. Just as the confrontation between the and the 5 stars in the elections should continue.” If I went to dinner with Crimi or Zingaretti? I would bring both, we have much to tell for elections regional“Says Conte and answers the quiz.” Who are you taking to dinner? “With that the event La Piazza di Affaritaliani.it. “I’ve been with Di Maio a lot,” he adds. “Would like to go with you From Battista“.

The Prime Minister does not withdraw even in the face of the most unpleasant question, namely the question on the bridge over the street, which Forza Italia and also the former Prime Minister have called with a loud voice Matteo Renzi. “I cannot say that we will bridge the road, there are no conditions. We have to realize first high speed Network all over Calabria and then in Sicily, but we have to face the problem of this connection ”, he explains, repeating what has already been said in the past. “There are technical miracles, we did one in Genoa. It’s a nice bridge. On the road we have to think of a technological miracle. A structure environmentally friendlyLight that also protects the environment Submarine“.

But the government agenda is not all about big works. According to Conte, broadband is one of the key issues for the country’s future. “Before I think about saying no on the China 5G There is the problem of bringing broadband across the country. This is one of the dossiers that I have paid a lot of attention to over the past few weeks and that I will find a place in Recovery plan. We are convinced that it has not worked so far because it is needed single networkWe want to include all operators in a single project and cannot wait any longer. “Another attitude after asking Tim to suspend the sale to the US fund in order to find space in the Palazzo Chigi project.” I trust the negotiations These weeks will be reflected in a very clear definition of this path by the end of this month, ”concludes Conte.

As far as “his” path is concerned, that is the future of the executive, the Prime Minister has even clearer ideas. “This is my horizon Finally. There is a program of political reform in the country so this is my only time horizon. I once said that I don’t see myself as completely disinterested in politics. We wanted to get it wrong: “Conte wants to have a party”, they always said. I rule it out I don’t want to have a partyIn his opinion, politics can “be pursued in a thousand ways.” Indeed, he adds, “I won’t see myself tomorrow so as not to come up with ideas Public debate“.

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