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Progress episode 22 Erkenci Kuş

Progress Daydreamer July 9, 2020

After what was seen in the previous episode, what happened in twenty-second episode from Daydreamers? The Turkish soap with the beloved Can Yaman, unforgettable face of Ferit Aslan from Bitter sweet-love ingredients, will continue to be broadcast July 9 with the twenty-second episode.

Just a year after the debut of Bitter sweet on canale 5, Media set offers us another indispensable Turkish soap in the hot summer. Indeed, starting from Wednesday June 1

0, 2020 the daily programming of Daydreamers, known in Turkey as the title Erkenci Kus. Find out what the title means in Italian!

Only in Turkey is the soap broadcast on Star TV on June 26, 2018 to the August 6, 2019. In everything they are 51 the Betting from Daydreamers from the duration of two hours Over. in the Italy However, programming the soap on Canale 5 is divided into several shorter episodes. Here’s how many bets it is made from Daydreamers Broadcast in Italy on Canale 5!

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In the center of the Turkish soap we find the romantic and beautiful love story between the protagonists Sanem Aydin is Can share. So let’s find out what’s going on between them in the Episode 22 from Daydreamers, to broadcast Thursday July 9, 2020 at 2:45 p.m. on Canale 5! Also read the progress of Daydreamers from July 6-10, 2020 in the air!

Daydreamer episode 22 full story

Can Mediaset in Daydreamer episode 20 credits
Can Mediaset in Daydreamer episode 20 credits

in the 22 result of Daydreamers Broadcast on channel 5 afterwards Emre recommended for Theirs to get into the meeting too Sanem (who only came to the company to deliver some documents), she has to pretend to be the manager of the advertising campaign because she knows the project well. will Sanem make a good impression with the company boss?