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PS5 loses an exclusive: it will also appear on Xbox Series X | arrive p.

The new generation of consoles presented itself somewhat differently than in the past; with unpredictable rhythms and announcements spread over the whole year. It wasn’t uncommon for us to see game announcements planned for the next generation before we learned more about the new consoles. Godfall was one of the examples that were presented for PC and PS5 last December, and there was also the applicant to accompany them over the months Quantum error.

The Horror FPS, the first work by the guys at Teamkill Media, has been touted as one of the first titles on PS5 over the months and is perfectly modeled to look its best on Sony’s next-generation console. Now the American team has announced that Quantum Error will also appear on Xbox Series X | S occur. In the past, Teamkill had never closed the door to releasing its debut title on other consoles, and now it all went official with the release of a new trailer.

Although the announcement trailer only mentions the Xbox Series X, this is confirmed by the same development team Quantum Error will of course also be published on Xbox Series S.to fully cover the next generation of Microsoft. Where the horror FPS doesn’t seem to hit is on the Xbox One, One S, and One X console families; although the development team has announced that everything could change before day one of the game.

We remind you that there is currently no more precise launch date for Quantum Error, although the guys at Teamkill Media intend to release their first works in the course of 2021: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S. and PC. What do you think of this new announcement from Teamkill Media?

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