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Redmi Note 8 Pro offers an amazing zoom for these pictures, and Redmi Note 8 has a Snapdragon SoC (updated).

Let's return to the new smartphones being introduced Redmi the company that emerged from a rib of Xiaomi. The Redmi Note 8 attracts many attentions and awaits its official launch.

The final details that emerged on the net have as protagonists the capabilities of the photo saloon of . Redmi Note 8 Pro in particular from his zoom : As you can see from the two examples shown in the gallery the smartphone would have a very effective zoom. From the watermark attached on the first image, we sense that the shot would have been made with the sensor of 64 MP and if the authenticity of the images were confirmed, we would be certainly valid in front of a photographic sector.

The first image is not available in Original Resolution but the examples were distributed on Weibo by Lin Bin, the co-founder of Xiaomi. According to Bin, the real image would have a weight of 21

MB and Weibo implies a limit of 20 MB for uploading images.

The other important novelty has surfaced in the net in recent hours concerns the younger brother Redmi Note 8 : According to the teaser published by Redmi (which was published in the gallery below ) The smartphone could have a SoC Snapdragon 665 . like Xiaomi Mi A3 and as opposed to earlier rumors that they wanted a MediaTek Helio G90 for the device. We do not know which of the two indications is more reliable but we see the fact that Redmi has introduced a Snapdragon SoC for a device and the new MediaTek-specific SoC for the gaming variant for the Pro Variant has chosen, still as plausible.

As appears from a teaser published by Redmi the company would also prepare the ground for landing a new laptop : it would RedmiBook 14 [19459003heißen] and come with processor Intel i7 the tenth generation on the market. Also, this new product should be presented at the next August 29 during the Redmi event, which seems to retain many new features by now. The article with the important information just appeared on Redmi Note 8: It has been confirmed that the smartphone will be present on the market with SoC Snapdragon 665 . The confirmation comes directly from Lu Weibing – the General Manager of Redmi – who also motivated the election of the Chinese manufacturer .

The Snapdragon 665 is technically less powerful than the Snapdragon 660, but realized with a production process of at 11 nm this translates into better energy efficiency and lower consumption. In addition, this processor supports API Vulkan 1.1 and is based on a more recent Artificial Intelligence available for the Snapdragon 660.

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