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Rome, fire on the 3rd floor: boy is rescued (half naked) at the cornice

The fire on the third floor of Via Niso 20 in the Appio Latino district, which opened just before 7 pm, almost certainly left the kitchen of the small apartment. The landlord was in the other room: a few seconds later he would be handed over. The speed with which the flames spread, fueled by the furniture that lit up like a pile of matches, was impressive: the whole house was burning, columns of fire and smoke sticking out through the windows and only one possibility for him: improvising acrobats without to shut one's eyes despite the fright, and leave the window open to look for a walk in the open air that spreads along the ledge. Flattened on the wall along a narrow surface of no more than 30 centimeters. Trembling, half naked. With a precipice ten meters below him and the danger of losing his balance, flying and falling.

Scosso ma illeso

A breathtaking scene, seen by dozens of people and also by Stefano Miceli, from the Roma Pulita site, who photographed and filmed everything while standing in the narrow street between the Appian Way and the Tuscolana was located and firefighters. Quickly, the young man can fall from one moment to the other! He asked the people, informed by the very fast word of mouth, to the emergency call centers. Some fire brigade teams intervened with a ladder, a tank truck, a sheet metal car (to cushion potential people or things), a self-defense car under the coordination of the province's shift supervisor and the service representative. Meanwhile, other colleagues and agents at the nearby police station cleared the building. And within half an hour there was a sigh of relief, like the whole neighborhood, interrupted by applause: the young man who touched the earth and clung to a policeman immediately seemed in excellent condition beyond the heartbeat. Shaken but unharmed, they contacted the operating room of the police station. To the point that he refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. He lived alone in the destroyed apartment. His biggest concern was where he should go to sleep.

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